Double Hook All The Way

How many times have you looked at that hook by your door, wishing it was more than just a hook? How many times have you seen a hook there, wishing it was two hooks? Check it out, man, now it can be. Designers Peter Ulbrich and Oliver Zaiser have a lovely little nubbin for your pleasure right here. It’s basically an art object, but when you add a hanger or hang a coat over it, bam! It’s a double hook, right in front of your eyes.

It’s called the “Drop” and it’s really fresh. We’ve got a couple hooks hanging by our door that’d be much better off as drops, that’s for sure. Lovely baubles for your life.

Designers: Peter Ulbrich and Oliver Zaiser


  • paul says:

    Wow wish I had thought of it and patented it. I need four of them

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