What Happens when Apps go Automotive?

That’s the question this fabulous designer by the name of Jeongche Yoon is asking. This is an electric car that not only paves the way for the future with its energy saving functionality, but with its plug-n-play app-market outlook for the future of car interactivity! This tiny car saves space by not being excessive, saves energy by being electric, and aims to have high consumer appeal and be fun, fashionable, and affordable.

Inspired by the relatively-new Smartphone industry, this car concept connects to people with the open-source marketing of an app store. Null has a docking station at the back where physical “apps” (functional modules) can be docked so that people can have the details they choose on their car simply and with as little an amount of effort as pressing a button. Standard specifications and big changes.

Take a peek at the images below and jam to the amazing music of the video presentation, and think about the car market today. What can you do to your auto that’s both legal and affordable? Not much! You can Pimp Your Ride, but that’s really out-of-league for most people who don’t have massive wads of cash, or you can put bumper stickers on your bumper. What else besides painting your car to be wild can you do?

Not much, that’s what. Not much at all. Jeongche Yoon, make a future of automobile customization for everyone a reality!

Designer: Jeongche Yoon