Watch to Time, Turbines to Speed!

Behold, the ancient power of windmills! It’s no mistake that windmills have been so prevalent in horror movies over the course of our recent past – the very thought of such a majestic beast being blown to bits gives me the shivers! Projects design group reminds us that windmills are amongst humankind’s oldest energy sources, turning water and wind into pure power! Thusly, they’ve made an object to remind us of that excellent trade here, in the Turbino watch.

Turbino is a watch that pulsates with red and black loveliness. And it’s not just an artist watch, nay, it shows the time too! Two white hands tell the time while their brothers and sisters activate your wrist 24 hours a day. It’s completely hypnotic. Not to be stared at while you’re driving your semi truck down the highway. Be careful!

Designer: Projects [Buy It Here, Turbino Watch is available for $115 @ YD Store]

Turbino Watch is available for $115 @ YD Store