Furniture Change in Children

How do you change the world? You brainwash the minds of the children of the world! That’s what public school is all about. So what do designers Yana Tzanov and Stephanie Sauve have to do with this? They’re making the world a better place by not only creating a new generation of furniture in form but also in starting children using renewable products from the very start. Part of this modular furniture project is about creating furniture for children that doesn’t just replicate adult furniture, the other is green!

Take a look in the gallery below to see all the lovely thangs this set of furniture can do. It’s called the “Mod U Me” and not only is is made to grow with the kid, it’s good for the environment. Made of Balsa wood, a fast growing plant from Central and South America that’s not only plentiful and easy to grow, it’s super strong. The inner core is made of Eco Friendly Foam – Sofficel & EcosoftX, non-polluting production and no harmful substances released during its use. Sofficel is fireproof, foamed, and available in various densities. EcoSoftx is soft, water-repellant, easy to clean and mold resistant.

Designer: Yana Tzanov and Stephanie Sauve