Little Birdy Architect

Who knew that a tiny little beak-and-feathers could create such a thing as this “Niao” eggshell home. It’s too good to be true! Non-avian human designer Fuquan Junze hath created this. It’s 150mm in length, weighs a tiny 86g, and is made entirely of fiberglass mat. Junze describes the art of architecture as one that “places light, wind, and heat all together in space.” What a brilliantly simple way of putting it, then putting it out into the world with this amazing work of transparency. Birds all around the world will be jealous of the Niao – such a fabulous eggy home, one that provides shelter, light, stability, and warmth for all the little chirpies inside.

Fuquan Junze’s alternate ego is “Oil Monkey.” How appropriate a name for such a green-minded fellow, introducing a project into the world so lovely it’s sitting right next to the splendor of nature. Fiberclass mat is penetrable by light, durable, and washable. Birds inside will be protected from weather and allowed warmth and light from the sun. Two holes are drilled into the Niao, one for entry, the other for exit of air, creating an environment with a nice breeze. If the Niao were square, it would quickly prove to be too hot inside – but with the egg shape, the curved surface effectively diverts solar radiation, keeping the temperature at a comfortable level. Four tiny holes at the bottom of the Niao act as both drainage for rain coming in the larger hole, and for stabilization as the rope holing the structure through the egg feeds right through.

Bonus fun! The word “Niao” is “bird” in Chinese. Super cute!

Designer: Fuquan Junze