iPad Wood

Oh, to be held by a block of wood. The warm embrace of Mother Nature herself, all chopped down to a convenient size for us humanoids. Or in this case, us pieces of technological wonder. This is a stand for the iPad, the “Block22” to be exact, and it’s mainly made of wood. Designers at Sherwood+Meister have created a masterpiece in simplicity and craftsmanship. Each piece is carved from a solid block of FSC-certified kiln-dried Ipe wood – a South American hardwood “prized for its enduring strength and density.” Ohh! Super fancy.

Each piece of wood used in the creation of the Block22 is harvested according to Forest Stewardship Council criteria, ensuring fair compensation for workers and sustainable harvesting techniques. After the carving and hand-stamping with polished aluminum accents, each Block22 is hand-rubbed with a fabulous satin finish.

The Block22’s groove is designed to match the iPad’s sensual curves in the most warm embrace, no matter the orientation, in a way that allows you easy access to all the buttons and switches. Along the bottom is 100% wool felt padding to provide a secure footing during use.

22° groove cut to match curvature of the iPad
Gently carved dish for accessories
Hand-rubbed satin finish
Hand-stamped polished aluminum accents
Carved from a solid block of FSC-certified Ipe
100% wool felt bottom
Size: 4.25″ x 5.25″ x 0.875″ (10.8 cm x 13.3 cm x 2.2 cm)
Weight: ~0.80 pounds (362 grams)

Designer: Sherwood+Meister