The Dewdrop Tree

My trip to Africa was the most memorable and the one thing that I take away from it is the stark reminder of the desert and its arid face. Water is a real issue and although new innovations are making life easier, we still have a long way to go. The Dewdrop Tree is a water collection unit that biomimics a tree and traps dew to collect water for use. Take a look at how it works.

Designer: Taesik Yoon

[youtube: 600 451]


  • Al says:

    Here’s my 5 cents worth of thought.

    I agree that we designers should play a part in helping to change the world. But a thinking designer should think far beyond. In the presentation, the designer mentioned cost. This product will cost a lot more than it should be. It could be cheaper to help the people find and dig a well.

    A lot of the components are really not necessary. The filters for instance is totally redundant. Because dew is already purified water. Having filters would means a replacement sooner or later. In his target user group, these filters are impossible to be found in the areas they reside in. So whats the point of having that feature?

    Nothing in this world can work without some maintenance. with the components under harsh environmental conditions, the product will eventually deteriorate and device will fail. Who is going to help do maintenance, bare the maintenance cost? Even if this is given for free, once its broken, shortage of water will come back to haunt the users. Worst of all, non-biodegradable parts will be left there for a long time.

    Lastly the concept works, but it really depends on which region. Average humidity of a desert is less than 50%. only during rainy seasons, humidity goes up. So I kinda have questions how this product can efficiently help people. They probably need to wait a few days before they can have a glass of water for everyone in a household.

    I believe we must help. But we are just giving them the fish and not teaching them how to fish. They are just going to live with water for a while and that’s it. No one wants to be dependent on another person for life. Something to ponder about.


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