The Everlasting Baby Pram

The new-age prams are a step-up from the old-gen and transform to become strollers but beyond that I don’t think any designer has come up with ingenious ideas to extend their useful life. Babyoom is what I’d like to call useful thinking, with all probabilities of becoming a cherished family heirloom passed down generations! From ages 0 to 3 it serves as a faithful baby buggy and car seat; from ages 3 to 6 it transforms to a children’s cycle; and beyond that it can be used as a shopping cart for all your shopping sprees.

The lightweight body and easy steps to assemble make this concept a winner. The beauty is that one frame is used for all the 3 setups. If this was around when I had my kids, I know I would have bought it for them.

Designers: Jeong Haedong & Bae Junseong


  • landry says:

    Thank you Jarek, it was i thought about it. Desing only, not for the real life.

  • Monique says:

    Where can I buy this product ?

  • lendon says:

    Where can I buy this stroller ask you to tell me, or address Phone

  • Jung Hae Dong says:

    I am a designer stroller. Please email if you have questions.

  • Jung Hae Dong says:

    I am a designer babyoom. Please email if you have questions.([email protected])

  • jody says:

    Could u tell me how muh this is please

  • Mrs. Kate says:

    Very nice designing you share with us.i like all designs of stroller.

  • warren tsai says:

    I want to buy it,could you tell me where i can buy it?I am in Taiwan

  • warren tsai says:

    I want to buy it,could you tell me where i can buy it?in taiwan

  • warren tsai says:

    I want to buy it,could you tell me where i can buy it?I am in China

  • Yes I like this for my baby

  • jose araujo says:

    good morning

    i just want to know ,where can i buy the babyoom or if are any place in Portugal to buy it?thank

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  • Angel says:

    The design is really new age pram..its looks like scooter but the model is very much innovative and i love to buy this stroller for my cousin..

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