This dog leash fits everything you need in one system – including sound and vibration training!

I quickly realized I would never have a career as a juggler when I started taking my dog out for walks. As a pet owner, you have to hold so many things in your hand – the leash, poop bags, water, etc. and if you have an untrained puppy then you are on juggling level 5000. To make this intense task easier on you and your dog, GoGoLeash has created an all-in-one leash and collar system that not only combines all the items you need to carry but also helps to train your dog using sound! Sounds amazing, right? Then let’s ‘reel it in’.

Right off the bat, GoGoLeash has everything you need to carry in one compact leash system – it has poop bags, is retractable, has a light, is waterproof, includes a seatbelt, and also a water tank! This is like Jarvis for your pet. An amazing feature that makes it a smart leash is that it enables you to train four dogs at a time with the same tool by simply switching the training modes that are customized to each of them. “We provide you multi-functional dog handles with built-in LED, water tank, poop bag storage, and TWO training modes with a new training collar. Solve all the problems you may have and make your time with your dog more harmonious,” explains the team. The leash handle may look deceptively small but it houses a water bowl and water tank that holds 150 ml of water for your pet. The in-built storage works for holding 15 waste bags at a time and all you need to do is buy refills when you run out because it is universally sized.

The collar has some tech features that really make it stand out in the pet market. Dogs learn through repetition and when they start recognizing a specific sound or even vibration they learn to react to it appropriately – something Ivan Pavlov has proven to us already! The sound training feature lets you easily overlay an audible sound over a known (or learning) verbal command to quickly teach your dog commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “heel.” The GoGoLeash Training System has a maximum range of about 650 feet. The second feature is the vibration collar which was especially included for dogs that may have hearing problems. Vibration is a safe and humane way to work with dogs of any size to help train them, praise them, and correct behavior – it is a feature that was meant to be inclusive for hearing-impaired pets but can be used universally. It is ergonomically designed and durable so you can be a crazy dog person who wants to have five pups and walk them at the same time!

Designer: GoGoLeash

Click Here to Buy Now: $49 $159 ($110 off). Hurry, only 7/3640 left, under 53 hours to go! Raised over $310,877!











Click Here to Buy Now: $49 $159 ($110 off). Hurry, only 7/3640 left, under 53 hours to go! Raised over $310,877!