Timeless Magnetic Drainage

You know the feeling. “Why can’t I just design around this? Does this object REALLY need this part to function?” That’s what designer Dallas Winspear asked of the common, everyday sink. “Does it need this ugly drainage hole?” he asked, and the answer was (and is!) no. No way! Design around it! Heck, design headfirst into it. This is “Lavinia”, a sink made of Corian or other high density polymer with a plugging mechanism recessed into the body of the sink, completely changing the dynamic of how the water exits.

The secret of this wonderful contraption is in rare earth magnets and two silicone rubber strips. The sink can be drained without putting your hand underwater, and can be made in any combination of colors.

I choose purple!

This project is a Reece Bathroom Innovations Award Finalist.

Designer: Dallas Winspear