Touch Me to Me for Light

Between the two luminous bodies there is nothing until they touch. Once these luminous bodies touch, there is light. This is a unique lamp in that you physically have to make the connection in a way not many people are aware of when they turn on any other light source. You close the loop yourself, you make that electricity flow. This is “Touching Lamp” and it’s designed by Shay Carmon and Ben Klinger, who’ve left the light at 12 volts so it’s completely safe to touch.

You might get a tiny little zip zap rap, but you wont get hurt. Have you ever touched a live socket wire? That’s the one that hurts. This one’s voltage is low enough that I daresay it’d be considered safe for the home. Probably still not for the littlest kids though. They get crazy.

All of the lamps parts are exposed. Electric wires are replaced by aluminum strips embedded in the oak beams, all aluminum joints work as conductors, and the lightshade, also made of aluminum, works as both a switch and a reflector to direct light.

Each luminous body has two joints, all four together give this lamp a giant freedom of movement and countless combinations of display possiblities.

Made of aluminum and oak wood.

Designers: Shay Carmon & Ben Klinger