What Causes Nokia Erections!

It’s not a hot-blonde-Sony or gorgeous Apples, but plain simple laws of physics that causes this Nokia to get an erection! The physical kind! I mean the Kinetic kind! The concept is this, for every incoming call, text, email or alarm, the phone gets super excited and gets…standing tall! Yup the brief was to make the phone as playful as possible…as if a vibration mode was not enough! And if it’s not the right person calling or the alarm too soon…simply tap the phone back to deflate the …erection! Umm…cold shower won’t do!

On a more serious note, here’s more info on the Nokia Kinetic – a seriously playful mobile phone for 2012. The reason behind the erection is an electromagnet in the base of the phone that allows a weight to be shifted, causing the phone to stand up. Digital information gets converted into kinetic movement!

Other features include:

  • Camera capture button at bottom right of phone means you grip the phone like an SLR camera when taking a photo.
  • Standby mode is perfectly balanced; Screen is raised from the surface.
  • Top half is 8mm in thickness with bottom being 18mm.
  • The shape and weight at the bottom of the phone mean ergonomically it is much better to hold than other phones.
  • 2 taps on power button allows you to manually set stand up mode. (For a clock on your desk, a digital photoframe, or to play music).
  • Proximity sensor on front of the phone, means that the stand up feature does not activate when in your pocket.

This is a student project done for Nokia at Central Saint Martins Collge of Art & Design

Design Tutor: Silas Grant

Designer: Jeremy Innes-Hopkins