Unpack Thy Turntables

I think this project wins the longest name of the day award with “flight case Pioneer PRO 1400 – FLT.” It’s a DJ table that can be folded up easily and nicely into a rolling case configuration. Inside can also fit all the equipment you’d need to DJ, headphones, CDs, plates, and other DJ gear. It’s what designer Raphael Vivier calls a “mobile disco” and I’m inclined to agree. Wheels of steel on tiny wheels for easy transport.

Whenever you put the PIONEER logo on your project, you instantly have a lot to live up to. My favorite Pioneer product isn’t sound equipment at all but a movie, the perfectly classic anime film “AKIRA.” There’s something forever futuristic because of its perfect aesthetic, simple, colorful yet simple, sharp, amazing. This turntable situation right here is taking up that mantle and busting out with an amazing product.

High five for functionality inside perfect simplicity, all the while obviously very prepared to release some fabulous beats.

Designer: Raphael Vivier