Metal Futurism in Bathroom Taps

Welcome to the future of shiny taps! These lovely taps go by the name “Koolhaus” – that’s German, use your superior translation skills to figure out what it means. These Koolhaus taps are meant to inspire forward-thinking minds to conserve. But they make your eyeballs sparkle, too, yes? Such a fabulously almost-fictional look to these taps.

With Koolhaus, you’re able to see your water consumption instantly, right there on the tap. And not only can you see the water used by that tap, nay! The Koolhaus tap comes with multiple flow rate devices which you can install on other bathroom appliances. Each of these Koolhaus devices then send back information to the main tap, where you can view easily through the tap screen. Taptastic!

Designer: Daniel Dobrogorsky