A Quad of Energy Efficiency

There’s a clock, a fridge, a dishwasher, and an “app.” Together, like an action team out to get the bad guys, they’re going to regulate. Like the singer Warren G, they’re going to take command of your house, helping you know how each piece of it is running, helping you keep your energy consumption to a minimum. The only one that needs any extra equipment is the app, which, incase you’ve been living under a rock on the moon for the past few years, means it’s an application made specifically for a phone or other handheld “smart” device. You can see it all from there.

They all go under the name IMPACT:

Impact Fridge When you open any fridge, the cool air contained within rushes out into the world. When this happens, energy is required to generate the cool air to replenish what was lost. To depict this exchange, the Impact Fridge has a green efficiency bar of green light. As energy is lost, the bar empties out as well. As the energy creates enough cool air for the fridge, the bar replenishes. When at full, the bar disappears completely.

Impact Dishwasher Completely off and invisible when not in use, the lights for the control panel of the Impact Dishwasher come on at the touch of a finger. Again there is an energy bar, like on the fridge, but your ability to be smart about it is much more expanded. Yet it’s simple. All you’ve got to really do is tell it what time you need the dishes done by, and it chooses the settings, start time, and energy expenditure for you. Of course, if you want, you can also go with the buttons you recognize, the old fashioned settings.

Impact Clock This clock is expressionistic. The hour hand on the Impact Clock etches away at the face with its hour hand, outward or inward according to the energy used in the house. The inner ring shows midnight until noon, the outer ring shows noon til midnight. Like an “energy fingerprint” they say, and as it records real information and turns it into a piece of modeled matter, this clock can become an heirloom, a gift that’s passed down from energy consumers by the generation.

Impact App Made for your handheld smart device, the Impact App gives you guidance and insight based on your energy consumption and socially-generated suggestions from your contacts’ real activity. Made for you to save money. This app also has remote control capabilities which allow you to turn up or down your thermostat, with the charts immediately being able then to see the impact of your actions. It’ll tell you what to do, and you can tell it what to do.

Then you can connect it to your social networking sites and let everyone know what you’re doing! Blogging becomes more perfect and complete every day. We need total coverage.

Designer: Carbon Design Group and Artefact Design

Impact Fridge, Dishwasher, Clock, and Application by Carbon Design Group and Artefact Design