Fly (and sleep) Like a Bird!


Why suffer through air travel when you can Nest?! Designed for both comfort and storage, the Red Dot Award winning Nest Airport Bed gives you peace of mind that your belongings are safe while you rest up.

It supports you like a hammock through the use of an elastic fabric mesh, while the internal storage compartment is accessed through a zip on the top. Before lying down, simply unzip the top of the Nest bed and deposit your belongings inside. Zip it back up and when you lie down you know that someone can’t simply walk off with your bag while you sleep.

The fabric mesh has been designed so that the contents of the bed are always visible. This enables airport security to verify there is no unattended luggage or any suspicious items hidden. Additionally, Nest is lightweight as it is comprised simply of a tubular metal frame and fabric mesh. This enables it to be moved around easily and positioned in appropriate areas of the airport.

Designers: DCA Design & Dan Salisbury