Hopscotch Calculator

Aww look how cute! It’s a 8-digit basic calculator with a hopscotch keyboard configuration! Okay  it doesn’t do anything special so the design is totally novel but who cares! It brings back memories of tossing a shoe or stick and hopping across a poorly drawn grid on the sidewalk. Sigh, if only playing with numbers were really that much fun. God I hate math, just saying…

Size: 55 mm x 110 mm x 10mm
Colour: white case, large grey rubber key
Materials: ABS plastic, rubber key, 8-digit LCD display
Power-supply: button battery
Status: search for manufacturers

Designer: Vadim Kibardin for Kibardindesign Studio


Hopscotch Basic Calculator by Kibardindesign Studio


  • fb says:

    Very fundamental concept in design:
    “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”

    I don’t see anything difficult with the existing calculator design.

    This is just plain superfluous

  • Lovely, sweet.

    I dont like how 0 is a function and not with the numbers.

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