This personal dustpan is the easy and aesthetic way to keep your desk setup clean!

While still working from home is a norm in most places, keeping your desk squeaky clean comes with a satisfying and vital feeling since hygiene is right up there on the priority list of most people. Having your own small tool to clean the desk (and all the accessories on it) sounds like a good investment already, and if you are also someone who likes to have things within an arm’s reach, then the Personal Dustpan by Alessio Romano is worth your time.

Conceptualized from the elementary need to have a personal dustpan that’s easy enough to carry or store, the accessory is ideal for both home and office use, and everything in between. Alessio has elevated the design of such a simple accessory in a way that it addresses the very core issue of using the duster for a while (when it’s new) and then forgetting it for the rest of your life – literally biting the dust in the drawer! Made from recycled pet hair and having a wooden handle, the design is right on point – something that everyone will fancy having in their possession, enjoying the cleaning task at hand.

The clever design of the duster is such that it functions as dust and pan to collect the mess, and when the task is finished, the pan acts as the storage of the duster. On top of that, it looks good, so you won’t shy away from displaying it on your table or desk at work. So, now with Alessio’s design, you’ll have no reason to keep your table untidy or messed up ever again!

Designer: Alessio Romano