LSA: Personal Pan Airplanes

Welcome to the future of aviation, if flying cars don’t have their way first. Marty! Where you at? Designers of this project tell of this new class of airplane that’s taking the private world of aviation by storm, that being the LSA “Light Sport Aircraft.” This class is between existing microlight and private pilot classes, and aims to make it easier and cheaper to get your smooth flying butt in the air!

I want you to take a good long look at the first image in this gallery. It’s totally fun. Also totally absurd. Always wear a helmet when traveling in any sort of high-speed airplane automotive, especially if it looks like it’s tearing through barriers in time and space like this one is.

Now, the LSA class is small, and this “EQP2 Excusion” is one of less than 10 models anywhere near reality today. I’m sure it’s exciting for some, especially those who already rock the skies. For me, it seems TERRIFYING. I’m keeping my need for speed attached to the ground.

As it stands now, the designers of this project have built a full scale mockup of the interior as well as a 1:4 scale model of the plane for exhibitions and testing. Their goal is to have a prototype flying in 2013.

Seats: 2
Maxiumum Takeoff Weight: 690kg / 1520lbs
Useful Load: 620lbs
Baggage: 220lbs
Max Speed: 220kts
Cruise Speed: 170kts
Range: 1100nm
Altitude: up to 13500ft
Takeoff & Landing Distance: 750ft
Engine: Concept Electronic Power Source

Wingspan: 9m
Aircraft Length: 6.2m
Aircraft Height: 2.65m

Designers: Oyvind Roar Berven and Tomas Brodreskift

EQP2 EXCURSION Electric LSA Amphibian / Interior Nest Design Study by Oyvind Roar Berven and Tomas Brodreskift