Unidrill, For The Drill Challenged

Picture this – I’m holding a Black & Decker drill ready to mount this damn TV sitting on the floor for months. I go in for the kill and everything just goes wobbly. My hands are all over the place. The drill bit is stripping the screw, the screw has gone in crooked, and I’m squealing like a banshee. Not a good look. I’m a 29 y.o. man. I need the Unidrill.

First off, there’s a guide so no more crooked screws. Secondly, the handle rotates 90º so the lefties aren’t “left” out, hehe. There is no trigger per say. To activate the drill, you push with your other hand. It’s supposed to be more intuitive and provide more control since the drill’s speed is directly affected by how hard you push.

As you can surmise, I’m not a handy-dandy person. I like the concept but you crafty types would know better than me. Yay or nay?

Designer: Ji-youn Kim


Unidrill - Handy Tool by Jiyoun Kim