Sharpen Pencil, Get Eraser

So you’ve got a pencil and you need it sharp. You need it so sharp that you’d be able to draw a really sharp picture of your favorite Yanko Design design. That’s right, you could draw the Dew Capturing Pyramid, the doo doo weighing toilet seat, or the wishbone MP3 player. Draw it. Sharp pencil, and woo! You get a bonus with this little mama. You get an eraser made out of the wood you chopped off the pencil.

Eraser! It’s like using the whole bison.

You know the folks who came here before the Spanish and those people from the UK, they had a bunch of tribes and clubs and groups that basically all hunted and used all kinds of bison. They used the WHOLE thing. They used the bones, the fur, the meat, and the eyeballs!

And now, these fabulous folks you see in the designer slot below this paragraph, they’re doing the same thing with a pencil. First you plug this device in, then you sharpen the pencil, your turning of the crank smashes and squishes that wood into an eraser for you too! Yay!

Designer: Hao Gin Weng, Siang Yin Ke, and Che Hao Li