Sunlight-Only Skiff

So you’re driving around in the water, thinking about how lucky you are to own a boat. I mean, you’re on a boat! Right? Well check it out – you’re killing nature. Nature is going to be DEAD because of you. Unless, of course, you buy one of these: the “Float.” This boat called “Float” is a solar-powered double motor boat that runs solely on the power of the sun. The sun only. Only the sun. It can carry six people and runs at a slow sail of 7-10km/h. Cruzin only!

It’s time for a marine picnic. Float comes equipped with a table, grill for grilling up your foods, and a small refrigerator to keep the ice in check. It’s a flat-surfaced boat so you can go wild with different activities.

Extra extra, here’s a message from the designers:

the concept is part of the efforts to expand the use of green energy in the marine field and become to answer needs of the local marine activity in the lake of Zurich in Switzerland. all under the title of the Swiss Green Project “2000-Watt Society.”

Energy Policy Model (2000-Watt-Gesellschaft)

Love it. I wish I could get Swiss badges on all of my inventions. It makes it seem so much more legit and… Swiss.

Designer: Rami Tareef & Milos Ristin

Float by Rami Tareef & Milos Ristin