Sunlight-Only Skiff

So you’re driving around in the water, thinking about how lucky you are to own a boat. I mean, you’re on a boat! Right? Well check it out – you’re killing nature. Nature is going to be DEAD because of you. Unless, of course, you buy one of these: the “Float.” This boat called “Float” is a solar-powered double motor boat that runs solely on the power of the sun. The sun only. Only the sun. It can carry six people and runs at a slow sail of 7-10km/h. Cruzin only!

It’s time for a marine picnic. Float comes equipped with a table, grill for grilling up your foods, and a small refrigerator to keep the ice in check. It’s a flat-surfaced boat so you can go wild with different activities.

Extra extra, here’s a message from the designers:

the concept is part of the efforts to expand the use of green energy in the marine field and become to answer needs of the local marine activity in the lake of Zurich in Switzerland. all under the title of the Swiss Green Project “2000-Watt Society.”

Energy Policy Model (2000-Watt-Gesellschaft)

Love it. I wish I could get Swiss badges on all of my inventions. It makes it seem so much more legit and… Swiss.

Designer: Rami Tareef & Milos Ristin

Float by Rami Tareef & Milos Ristin







  • Pedals also, for when the sun or battery fails

  • tryner says:

    That’s either the worlds smallest boat, or someone’s stumbled into the Mario Bros Giant world based on those last 2 Photoshop placements. hahaha! It’s a nice enough looking raft, but I can’t seem to find a drive anywhere. Solar powered; Great. Solar powered what though?

  • MikeKear says:

    Sort of nice looking boat, although seakeeping is going to be pretty inadequate. Without a bow, there better not be any swell or even a small chop.

    I like the idea of using renewable green energy, but where is the evidence for the basic premise? – a boat kills nature?? Sez who?

    I could buy that rubbish thrown overboard by people on boats causes environmental damage. And I can accept that fluids lost overboard by boats causes damage too – oils, fuel spills, sullage etc. This boat would be subject to the same hazards becuase you havent removed the need for lighting, drinking water, and other fluids, and what stops unthinking people throwing trash over the side?

    But boats cause damage simply by being boats? I dont think so.

  • ES2EODJC says:

    I believe that the above shows only prototype right? If this were to be made, I suggest several amendments.

    Like ‘groovalicious’ said, the need for a backup power source would be most useful especially in times of unexpected emergency.

    I would like to highlight on ‘MikeKear’ point. The idea of having and open side boat is most interesting but the fact tha people would toss their rubbish into the water would be most disturbing.

    The need for lighting and shelter from unexpected weather is also another problem the user might face.

    Just several suggestions. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • ES2EODJC says:

      Oh, one more point struck me. With the sides open and so low, would water come in during change from low tide to high tide? Worse still, would it be low enough for animals to climb on board? Lets say an alligator or crocodile? That would be most dangerous. Just pointing out. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • MikeKear says:

        No, water wouldn’t come over the side during the change of tides, because the boat is floating. It would rise and fall with the tide like all boats do.

        But there is no bow, and no freeboard. So water would come over the side at any sign of chop or waves or wakes from other boats or people moving around on the boat. As a boat, this is a very poor design.

        I realise this is to demonstrate using solar power to drive a boat engine, but I couldn’t imagine this boat staying afloat with 3 people aboard in anything but a glass-smooth calm stretch of very confined water. And dont expect to stay afloat if the wind comes up.

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