Hot Baby Bottle!

My recent 32-hour train journey across the length of India brought back memories of the times when I last traveled with my son on such a long journey. He was just six months old then and I remember having to sweet talk the Pantry Attendant to keeping the milk bottle in the fridge and later re-heating it on the stove for me. Times have changed and we no longer need to rely on such small mercies. Take this Baby Bottle Thermos for example; it’s the apt design for a mother who is traveling with a baby.

The 2-in-1 bottle features a temperature retentive case that keeps the contents warm. The semi-transparent finish, fine chrome detailed rim and see-through rubber lid on the top, complement the design perfectly. The innovation lies in fact that the bottle doubles up as a thermos; hence you can store and use the same bottle for feeding.
No sweet-talking Pantry Attendants for favors anymore!

Designer: Christopher Lavelanet