Killer Robot Death Watch

Actually no death. None. Unless you mean the death of terrible wrist watches because this one completely DESTROYS them all! Is that what you mean? Well good! This is the “Robot 1259C Watch” and it’s going to make your arm so much more fantastic looking. Also you’ll be able to read time in such a hardcore manner that your brain might explode out of the top of your robotic head. Beware! It takes a moment to learn, a lifetime to master the awesomeness of ownership!

This Robot 1259C Watch is elite. It’s designed by the terrifyingly fashionable folks at Seahope and when you wear it, your uncoolness will feel the frigid coldness of abandonment. That’s right! You will be colder than a polar bears toenail with this bleeper.

Left for hour, bottom for 10s of minutes, right for 1s of minutes. Trust me it’s easier than you know. Easier than you can imagine!

And just think of all the pirates you’ll be crushing with it.

Available in several colors, wee!

Designer: Seahope [ Buy it Here, Robot 1259C Watch is available for $159.00 @ YD Store ]

Robot 1259C Watch by Seahope

Robot 1259C Watch is available for $159.00 @ YD Store