Crisp, Sparkling Bottled Air

I remember as a kid watching the comedy farce SPACEBALLS with Mel Brooks and cautiously giggling at his environmental joke, as he cracked open a can of “Perri-Air” to get a quick oxygen fix while on his off-world colony. A lot has changed since those innocent 80s I suppose. Like referring to the 80s as “innocent” or how we made jokes about our dwindling oxygen supply here on Earth. Well, it’s 2010 people and clean oxygen levels on this planet have moved from the comedy realm, straight into tragedy. Designer Pedro Gomes has taken up the cause with his latest design dubbed “o3 – The Product You Don’t Want to Have!”. With pollution levels around the globe continuing to rise and Icelandic volcanos clogging up our air currents, it’s no wonder we need to start thinking of immediate solutions to this growing problem. As a product, o3 is not to be taken too seriously. What is to be taken seriously, is the awareness of the issue and what we will end up having to resort to if this pattern continues.

Designer: designaffairs STUDIO


  • georg says:

    indeed a useless product.The truth is that most of the western countries are polluting developing countries and exploiting cheap labor.
    Where is the solution to that?
    This is probably a good advertisement but it doesn’t solve anything.

    • mif991 says:

      China (industrial zones) is worst, you ever been there? You can’t see the sun most days, rivers are brown and thick, and the smokestacks are churning their stuff 24/7. In addition to that it is hot and humid. Its a matter of time before that ticking bomb blows up. Western countries need to do better, but do not single them out.

      • georg says:

        yes i live in China i know what is going on here. I just think this product doesn’t solve anything and it’s not really focusing on the problem, which is clearly money hungry companies that don’t give a sh*t about the environment.

  • P says:

    That is pretty insane … but anyhow I think it work as a awarness campaign! crazyyyy …

  • sin says:

    what da hell ???!!!

  • Lamah says:

    Ignoring the total implausibility of this product (e.g. the tiny capacity such a thing would have), is the designer aware that O3 is the formula for ozone?

  • SirPsycho says:

    O3 = ozone = don’t breathe this.

  • mariess says:

    are you kidding me? since when were we running out of air? thats complete science fiction?! the only time our breathing was really suffering from pollution was during the industrial revolution in london where smog was an issue and it became illegal to burn anything but smoke free coal on your home… we are not running out of air, its not even a threat!!

  • Mike G says:

    Instead of a gadget, just plant a tree.
    Plants take in CO2 and emit Oxygen into the atmosphere.

  • gollum says:

    what da hell!! why cant you just plant more trees? bottled air ha ha ha

  • mh6288 says:

    This isnt about running out of air. its about having clean air due to the rising increase of pollution. you might want to re-read this product description

  • mh6288 says:

    i know a lot of you say, “just plant more trees.” well lets just say that we run into the slight possibility of nuclear war. nuclear fall out will have destroyed the healthy soil that we have now, causing plants, trees, and everything that grows in the ground to die

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