Night of The Living Kitchen

This is bound to either blow your mind, give you the utter creeps, or do both. All are possible. This project is called the “Living Kitchen,” and you’re about to see some moving parts. Its got faucets shooting out at your head, trays and containers popping up under your family cat, the dog is running around the kitchen flipping out over the convenience of the whole thing. Madness! And how does it all work? Claytronics, of course!

Designer Michaël Harboun envisions kitchen life in the future. Tomorrow’s cooking world in the home. With walls of pure Claytronics technology, this kitchen relies on that, also known as a technology currently being researched by intelligent fellows at Carnegie Mellon University. But do the professors plan on the walls taking on a life of their own?!

Horror situations aside, this technology consists of nanoscale self-organizing robots, all of them together creating a shape-shifting mass of matter able to create basically whatever you like. Separate controls sent signals to these little fellows who then turn into a faucet, a stove, reveal a refrigerator, shine a light, lots of stuff!

“Form Follows Flow” is what Michaël Harboun’s got up his sleeve, and the Living Kitchen is going to get him there. You bet.

Designer: Michaël Harboun

Living Kitchen by Michaël Harboun








  • TKoote says:

    That is just scary… Sorry but it really freakes me out.

  • Misterfox says:

    What the hell have I just been watching?

  • quantum says:

    Freaky, can chairs pop up out of the floors and would they be comfortable?

  • M_Crow says:

    i will only believe this thing does works when it is in the market.

  • CoolCow says:

    that cutting thing looks dangerous… in effect i can draw weapons (maybe of mass destruction) and remove them for personal use… that wouldn’t actually be a bad idea.

  • mif991 says:

    Haha! I don’t think Michael believes this is a feasable product, but more of a fantasy dream of what we all wish products could be or he is preparing himself for a run at the movie industry. Nice work.

  • JotaSolano says:

    This looks like BMW’s GINA (i think that’s the name of the prototype)… but way more advanced.

    If this is ever possible… imagine the implications… designers will take a whole different approach …. design would be re-invented

  • hans says:

    I totally expected that nose to suck the steam away not to vomit some noodles. That would have fit way better to the mood of the film.

  • Klappstuhl says:

    See, this shows to me not how advanced you guys are, but how far off from realism your mind is.

    Please take my criticism lightly, and not to the heart, but you people should take a look at a physics/egineering book at least once in a while.

    Either that, or offer me a job at your studio, ’cause I did the same thing with Playdoh at age 4. The things in my portfolio actually work.

  • asstroboy says:

    oh come on guys, this is a conceptual design, you can’t criticize it as if it’s planned to be realized in the very near future, you’re the designers of the future, so please be open minded. i do believe that it’s possible, may not be in the near future but in a couple decades. believe it, or keep on designing some nonsense chair and cutlery that have absolutely no innovative value or impact.

    • balisoda says:

      I completely agree with you, keep an open mind. Reality is sometimes stranger than fiction.

      • SpiCyKidZ says:

        did you guy think in the 16 Century human can really think of a COMPUTER ?

        I think no human havent think about AI and those stuff, remember that imagination and fantasy is a very powerful things that make world change alot.

  • Shane says:

    Please let this be a reality in the future!!!

  • Sarah says:

    it’s impossible

  • Vikilife says:

    Super hero

  • JUI says:

    greeeeeeeeeeat thought………….
    keep it up………….

  • JUI says:

    greeeeeeeeeeat thought………….
    keep it up………….

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