A Bowl Made of Yarn

Yeah, that’s right, you could put some apples in there, and they wouldn’t even fall out! What am I even talking about, you might be asking. I am talking about the MOA Basket Series of Elastic Yarn, that’s what I’m talking about! It’s so radical you’ll quit knitting that sweater you were making for your grandma and you’ll START making that yarn skull you’ve always wanted to make. And it’ll stand upright! Not like those crappy floppy skulls you see down at the market. Nay! These ones are rigid.

So what we’ve got here is some rather talented designer/artists who’ve got their hands on this excellent and most elastic yarn and they’re going crazy with it! They’ve got a cool little series going including a Paperbasket, a Magazinebasket and a Fruitbasket.

The KEY is the resin. With it, they can make anything they can wrap their yarn around. It reminds me very much of paper mache, which of course is another fantastic art form with the key, resin.

Marvel at these excellent sculptures!

Material: Elastic Yarn, Resin
Weight: 210-440g
Photos: Ulrike Myrzik

Designer: Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau for MOA

MOA Basket Series of Elastic Yarn by Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau