T-Shirt Pocket Does More Than You Think

Looks like an ordinary t-shirt but look closer and you’ll see a peculiar zip front and seam in the bottom left. That friends is the novel and innovative pocket the shirt folds into for travel and when not in use, and it’s called the Pockit. The company was started by Christian Karlsson and Frankie Chan and presents a new way to produce and ship a t-shirt. No packaging required because it is its own packaging. Clever boys! I want one.

Designers: Christian Karlsson & Frankie Chan

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kd9KfwpLQng 605 455]

Pockit T Shirt by Christian Karlsson & Frankie Chan






  • Steve says:

    Seems like a solution waiting for a problem. I don’t see why it has to have its own bag if you’re tossing it in a backpack or suitcase anyway. More folds… more wrinkles.
    T-shirts have been around for decades and this feature would have already been part of the design if it was really necessary.
    Also, except for the “underwear” kind, most t-shirts aren’t sold in packaging anyway. So that argument doesn’t fly.

  • vanderleun says:

    Because…. because…. well, because t-shirts just don’t pack SMALL ENOUGH.

  • Eric says:

    I don’t even get it! am I missing something? now there is a zipper on my tshirt? Someone designed this, came up with the idea and made a pototype? come on, they must not have any friends that were honest and told them it was a dumb idea….ugggghhhh.


  • skud says:

    ahah, this guy took the idea of the French K-way. Its a jacket that you can fold in the same way and hold arround your hip. Difference: sometimes its annoying to carry a big jacket, hence it was to carry arround your hip and make it small.

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