Mesmerizing Circles

Truly the hands of the hourglass do turn according to their own will. Or is the will of grandfather time? It doesn’t matter! Shall I tell you why? I will! It’s because this clock has no hands! Like the rest of the watches in the family of this design group, these timekeepers have no hands at all! Designers at EleeNo have no mercy when it comes to watch display innovation, none at all! That’s why this particular watch is the most mesmerizing yet! Circle time!

The name of this product is “Stocking Watch” and watch it you will. The mystery of the face is in the cross-circle. Truly it is when the circles hatch that matters, as each set points according to the hour or the minute, but only with the other will you know which is which.

Minutes on the outside, hours on the in.

Designer: EleeNo [ Buy it Here, Stocking Watch is available for $85.00 @ YD Store ]


Stocking Watch is available for $85.00 @ YD Store