That’s No Newspaper for Rain

It’s a well-made piece of water-resistant canvas made for rain. It’s called the “Newspaper Rain Bag” and it’s 45.5 x 30.5cm of ironic rain-blocking paper for your everyday use. It’s also a bag that can carry your books! You’ll note not only the cleverl real-world sizing, but the well-placed strap and cover story (complete with a picture of the news paper ON the news paper.) It’s everything you need in a newspaper sized bag that also block the weather. Everything in the world!

What a clever contraption. I’m surprised these aren’t already carried by hipster stores all around the world. Of course, it’s relatively new, so maybe someday. We’ve got this scoop on them right now, you can buy a Newspaper Rain Bag from the Yanko Design Store and have it shipped to you in time for the holidays if you do so wish. What a lovely gift!

Designer: Koan Design of MEGAWING [Buy It Here Newspaper Rain Bag is available for $68 @ YD Store]

Newspaper Rain Bag is available for $68 @ YD Store