Nintendo 3DS With Huge Screens!

Olivier Demangel is basically a 3D artist and his take on Nintendo is really awesome. What’s missing in the real-world version is screen real estate and this concept takes care of that. Over the years many designers have had their take on this game console, but thus far I like this the best. So what do you think…do we need a Nintendo DS redesign or are you happy with what you got? Psst…those who want a peek at what an iPhone gaming console should look like, hit this link.

Designer: Olivier Demangel



Nintendo 3DS Concept by Olivier Demangel


  • Zakstudio says:

    When DS meets PSP

  • Wass says:


    I think a big company like Nintendo need to employ visionary 3D graphic artists like yourself, and take on-board the contemporary cutting edge designs that you’ve come out with here. I’d buy this straight away.

    • levi says:

      its a cool design but i reckon if it had two big screens like this. then the lower screen was touch screen the A,B,X,Y start and select buttons were on it. and then instead of directional pad just accelerometer in it. this way you keep the big screens and tidy up the edges. makes it neater and less cluttered, and more 2010.

  • I think the control stick on the PSP was horrible, and I think it’s horrible here too. It’s sexy without the stick, though. And why is there are 3D button? The games should be 3D by default.

  • Ali says:

    Nintendo gaming console is really bogus and ugly…i hate it

  • Ali says:

    The concept showing in the pictures above i really cool BTW!!

  • mr.meaty says:

    this i what the 3ds should really look like! If the 3ds had big screens like this it would be a must buy.

  • Lee Fuller says:

    Although this product is coming, I highly doubt it’ll look like this, which is a good thing!

  • monish says:

    it’s the best in the world i love i wanna have it

  • monish says:

    it’s the best in the world i love i wanna have it

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