Burn Your Table Down

Actually very safe! Not for burning your table down. Unless you want to have a table FIGHT! Table vs table! This right here is the “Slate Tabletop Fireplace” by Gido Wahrmann. He doesn’t recommend letting the little kiddies use these, however, as they are 2 parts awesome, 1 part fire! They’re made to mimic the look of logs, turning simply upon their slate base. It’s like you’ve got fire… right where you want it!

Each of these firestarters are made of stainless steel, each of them 7.5″ long, and the base they’re anchored to is a lovely 10×14″ in size. Just the size you need! How nice of them!

*Again, remember, these are NOT going to burn your table down, that’s just the title. Instead they are going to light up your heart, eyes, and soul, with their excellence.

Designer: Gido Wahrmann [ Buy it Here, Slate Tabletop Fireplace is available for $365 @ YD Store ]

Slate Tabletop Fireplace by Gido Wahrmann

Slate Tabletop Fireplace is available for $365 @ YD Store