A Perfume For A Man’s Man

Hey now who doesn’t love a good smelling man? Even the brawniest, burliest men a.k.a construction workers deserve a little eau de toilette. Art Lebedev makes it a point to create a scent worthy of a man with notes of bergamot, rosemary, birch, cedar, iris, and cardamon called the Spirit Level. But even the toughest men wouldn’t be caught dead with a frou frou bottle so this one comes packaged and functions as a level.

Design Team:
Art Director – Artemy Lebedev
Designer – Oleg Morev
Industrial Designers – Alexei Sharshakov & Benjamin Flannaghan
Modeler – Alexander Pozdeyev
Consultant – Katerina Makarova
Visualizator – Anton Veryovkin

Designer: Art Lebedev Studio


Levelus Spirit Level Perfume Bottle by Art Lebedev Studio