Pre Order: Spaces for Ideas Sketchbook by Brian Ling

As a writer it never occurred to me how important and valuable a sketchbook can be to a designer. This was till I had an in depth conversation with fellow YD-er Brian Ling about his innovative Spaces for Ideas Sketchbook. Although most ideas are refined on the computer, it’s the basic sketch that gets the design flow going and as Brian says the fastest way to get an idea out of your mind and into reality is to sketch it. Drawing from his own passion for sketching, Brian has designed an essential sketchbook that highlights the work and not itself.

The Spaces for Ideas Sketchbook: Designed for people not afraid of big ideas!

The sketchbook is well constructed and affordable. More importantly it has been designed in such a way that you can sketch on the go and there is nothing to hinder your flow, as each page is big enough to sketch on. It’s just the right size but with enough space or room to play with. A key feature to the page layout is “Boundary-less” pages. The paper quality is good enough to take on all non-wet mediums like ink, pencil or markers.

Spaces for Ideas Sketchbook is for those who want an affordable and portable sketchbook handy at all times.

A set of 5 sketchbooks is for $60 where as a single piece will cost you $15.

The special pre-order discount will last until Sunday 11 April 2010, 11.59pm PST

If you Pre Order now, you sand to gain an additional 15% pre-order discount. This means each sketchbook now costs $12.75 and $51 for 5! [ Buy it Here ]

Spaces for Ideas Sketchbook by Brian Ling