Pre Order: Spaces for Ideas Sketchbook by Brian Ling

As a writer it never occurred to me how important and valuable a sketchbook can be to a designer. This was till I had an in depth conversation with fellow YD-er Brian Ling about his innovative Spaces for Ideas Sketchbook. Although most ideas are refined on the computer, it’s the basic sketch that gets the design flow going and as Brian says the fastest way to get an idea out of your mind and into reality is to sketch it. Drawing from his own passion for sketching, Brian has designed an essential sketchbook that highlights the work and not itself.

The Spaces for Ideas Sketchbook: Designed for people not afraid of big ideas!

The sketchbook is well constructed and affordable. More importantly it has been designed in such a way that you can sketch on the go and there is nothing to hinder your flow, as each page is big enough to sketch on. It’s just the right size but with enough space or room to play with. A key feature to the page layout is “Boundary-less” pages. The paper quality is good enough to take on all non-wet mediums like ink, pencil or markers.

Spaces for Ideas Sketchbook is for those who want an affordable and portable sketchbook handy at all times.

A set of 5 sketchbooks is for $60 where as a single piece will cost you $15.

The special pre-order discount will last until Sunday 11 April 2010, 11.59pm PST

If you Pre Order now, you sand to gain an additional 15% pre-order discount. This means each sketchbook now costs $12.75 and $51 for 5! [ Buy it Here ]

Spaces for Ideas Sketchbook by Brian Ling








  • Eric says:

    Actually its a poor idea. Not good for drawing at all. It would be like drawing on a piece of folded up paper, OH it is! Just not so good for drawing. I tell you what, take a piece of paper and fold it a few times then try to draw something on it after you unfold it and see how your drawing comes out. Didn’t the designer try this? perhaps not. Also, there is really not that much paper to draw on. What happens when the one page gets filled up? it this a one page sketch book? That is not very practical. This concept is just not that well thought through, not a very viable design solution.

  • jerry says:

    If it has more than one page, I think it could sell. If its just for getting quick ideas down, you are not going to be bothered by a few creases on the sheet.
    Just the same as having a few a2 sheets folded up in your pocket except its kept neat in the cover.

  • karl says:

    it has five pages. But I think Brian missed with this one however. I would rather carry around folded loose pages in a plastic clear file. But hey, buyer’s choice.

  • felix says:

    Glad to see notebook manufactures are making different shaped and sized notebooks.
    I always make mine with extra space to stick in extra leaves.
    The many combinations make this great

  • Brian says:

    Hi All,

    Thanks for your feedback. I have taken it all into consideration. Here are some thoughts:

    1) The unfolded page is A3. I’m sure that is big enough for anyone but artists.

    2) There are 5 pages. Anymore will make the sketchbook too thick.

    3) I did not design this sketch book to appeal to everyone. That is a recipe for failure. My target are creatives that appreciate the product’s portability and flexibility. You don’t have to unfold it to use it.

    4) This book is meant to be used, not put on the shelf, so its affordable, and for your quick but great ideas.

    Thanks again for your feedback.

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