A Simple Problem Deserves A Simple Solution

Notice how most umbrella straps and fasteners only work unilaterally? Roll it up the wrong way and you’ve gotta undo it and start over. It’s never been an annoyance for me since I always make sure to roll it up the right way but that doesn’t mean it’s a problem that should be ignored. The Double Sided Umbrella uses a magnetic peg and ring so no matter which way you roll up the umbrella, it fastens in place.

Designers: Prof. Jeon Sung-Su, Prof. Kim Ki-Pil, Prof. Ku Ja-Yoon, Kang Ju-Hyung & Lee Tae-Hoon



Double Side Umbrella Strap by Prof. Jeon Sung-Su, Prof. Kim Ki-Pil, Prof. Ku Ja-Yoon, Kang Ju-Hyung, Lee Tae-Hoon


  • brack says:

    i like the use of the magnet. one advantage the umbrella has is that the strap is attached to the fabric…so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

  • danni says:

    Refer to umbrella,that’s good if it could be straped in both side.but it would be perfect if the design add rainy day alarm on the round knob.As boys alway forget carry with umbrella,even in rainy day.(anyway,it’s another new idea.)

  • Dave says:

    Very well thought concept. Although the refinement that could be done is:

    1) the strap should be an integral part of the umbrella so that carrying an extra part could be avoided (for this one can make the circular cut out part stitched to the umbrella fabric)

    2) simplification can be done by using a hook instead of cylindrical studs that fit into the circular cut-out (this will also eliminate the use of magnet. and also the positive locking will be there unlike magnetic force holding the stud)

  • Guea says:

    Where can I find this product and buy it?

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