Reimagining the joypad for VR


Play a PS4 and you don’t ever need to look away from your screen. Your hands and fingers know EXACTLY where each button is, as they intuitively move across the joypad, mashing away to create intricate, complex commands that affect your gameplay. That intuitiveness, however, hasn’t carried forward to VR, with the PSVR’s PSMove controllers having a completely different layout that puts you back at the bottom of the learning curve. Besides, with a VR headset around your eyes, you can’t even look at the controller to see what you’re pressing, making a major part of the gameplay experience about trial and error.

Yonghwan Kim has a solution. Take the joypad from the PS4 and separate it into two individual handheld controllers. Your fingers will instantly know the layout the minute your hand grabs the controllers… while the independent controllers also offer motion tracking, working marvelously within the VR environment. Once you’re done, just place the MoveShock controllers on their dock to charge through the magnetic pin connectors at the base. It’s rather simple and hassle-free… which is exactly how a VR experience should be, given that your eyes stay covered throughout the entire thing.

Designer: Yonghwan Kim