Logs Are for Lovers

Here! What have we got here! Why, it’s logs! Lovely, lovely logs, used rightfully simply as furniture for the home. In a brand new way, I must say. Keeping them basically rough in nature, adding just plug-ins of interior comfort for the cuteness. And they are so very cute when you’ve got them all set up nice! The key to this project is designer Ilan Dei Studio’s keywords – Urban Renewal. Wild.

Generally I tie the term Urban Renewal to street art, graffiti, mostly because one of my favorite graffiti dudes Shepard Fairey uses the term so freely. But here, in the way Ilan Dei Studio uses it, it totally fits, in a not all that different way.

The story goes that the crew of Ilan Dei was basically cruzin’ around Venice California, seeing for themselves a large amount of cut down trees, lovely logs for the taking, just sitting there getting all rained out or corroded. So they said hey! Let’s have some excellent brainstorming sessions on how to utilize this gift from nature, so terribly wasted here.

And so they did. This first set of “Urban Logs” is being utilized in A. Kinney Court, one of Ilan Dei Studios recent interior design projects.

Designer: Ilan Dei Studio

Urban Logs furniture by Ilan Dei Studio