Typical Girlie Camera

Oh come men, this could be awesome for the little girls in your life; so give it a fair chance and read on! Yea tweens can get intimidated by technology, they do find it cute that Big Daddies like Sony offer them color options like hot pinks and reds, so when a concept like Samsung Blossom DPS Camera comes up, it’s like butterfly-times again! Simple to operate and with uncomplicated features, this camera is cute-a-vicious for one feature alone, the power to photoshop the pics via the cam.

Here are the highlights:

  • Full touchscreen navigation with a simple menu and no complex buttons to use.
  • There is a touchup function that allows the user to use software like Adobe Photoshop to tweak pics. That’s how the girls get to distort the enemy’s face while making themselves look gorgeous!
  • On the side of the camera is a nozzle beneath the cap, when hooked to the comp via USB, this nozzle can be used to touch up photos, fix red eyes, or blur the background like DSLR photos by pressing this nozzle and touching simple applications on the screen.
  • The embossed logo is a comfy grab whilst clicking pics and the popped up shell protects the lens.

A typical girlie look in appropriate colors (Hint: Barbie or Hanna Montana co-branding) along with special photoshop features makes this better deal than picking up those con jobs currently available!

Designer: Hyun-mook Kang

Samsung Blossom DPS Camera Concept by Hyun-mook Kang