For Soggy Boots

Do you live in a place where it snows very often? I sure do. If you’re smart, you either make a living off blogging and never leave your house, or you get a nice fresh pair of snow stomping boots! But as you face it, the cold, cold world you live in becomes clear, and you realize you must get groceries. And your shoes will become wet. What do you do then? Dry em.

And that picture you see down there isn’t just a shoehumper!

It’s a Universal Drying Apparatus, and it’s made to heat! It’s called the “AIR” aka and its made to be able to dry anything from clothing, accessories, umbrellas, to seeds and berries! On this sphere of warming, three extenders are situated, each of them able to clamp on, move around, and support basically any configuration.

Not for making hot chocolate!

Designer: Olga Kalugina


Universal Drying Apparatus AIR by Olga Kalugina