How Feasible a DYO Desk Future?

I say DYO instead of DYI because instead of this being based on doing it yourself, it’s more of a design it yourself sort of situation. This project is called “Xylem” and it begins on the computer. Benches and tiny tables is what we’re making here, the programming language called “Processing” is the design tool. Limits are in play, and play is what you’re allowed to do. Anything you make will be real-world safe, and all you’ve got to pay for is what you made.

In play here are three mathematical principals that you whizzes will know more about than your humble narrator: the Convex Hull and the Voronoi Diagram for table shape, and the real physical simulator (the limits) to keep the object in the real world.

Guaranteed border length of 15cm minimum, three phases of creative freedom: the top surface, the leg proportions, and materials and colors. Check out the video below for more visuals.

Designer: Federico Weber

Xylem design your own object by Federico Weber