Friday Giveaway: Win The Setgo Transport Urban Bag

A while back our ed-in-chief Long Tran (LT) reviewed the Setgo Transport Urban Bag. He was all in praises for it, because it helped him carry his extensive gear: checkbook, iPod, iPhone, digicam, Nintendo DS, keys, and wallet; all included! It made LT’s traveling easier and gave him quick access to his stuff. So here’s the thing, if you want to WIN this special treat called Transport Urban Bag, tell us where you are from and how this bag would make your life easier?

Here’s what you can carry in your Setgo Transport Urban Bag and some features:


  • Two quick access pocket for Cell/Blackberry/iPod
  • Inside zip-up pocket
  • Inside slide in metro card


  • Three internal pockets for gear storage
  • Large main zip-up Pocket
  • External pocket


  • Sleep/Sturdy Drill Nylon
  • Highly Durable Strapping

Contest Ends: Sunday, March 7th, 11:59pm PST Contest Closed

Setgo Transport Urban Bag


Setgo Transport Urban Bag is available for $79 @ YD Store



  • Jason says:

    I’m a college student and this means that I’m constantly carrying around pens, pencils, flash drives, papers, and a bunch of other knickknacks with me. I’ve tried sticking stuff in my pockets, but this results in funny-looking pocket bulges that have been the subject of many comments from my friends. Add to this the fact that 99% of my commuting to and from class and around campus is on bike, and it becomes apparent that the Setgo Transport Urban Bag would be a godsend for me as I try to navigate college in functional style.

  • Adriana says:

    I’m from Portugal. I would rollerblade to school and to work while carrying the Setgo tranport bag. And then once near the ocean, I’d jump in and swim all the way to Yanko design for a visit.

  • Alfredo Salkeld says:

    I am originally from Lima, Peru but I live in Weston, Florida. This bag would make my life easier because going to a high school with 3,000 students makes having a compact backpack essential in maneuvering through all the students. Also, I have had my iPod stolen twice and lost my phone from having to put them in my pockets where they can easily fall out. I could feel a lot more secure knowing they are in a sturdy pocket where they cant be crushed by books.

  • Emily says:

    My boyfriend needs this bag. He always has his pockets full of stuff: keys, ipods, cameras, wallet, notebooks full of todo lists. With summer coming up it is going to be worse when he shoves everything in his cargo shorts and he just looks ridiculous. Currently, he has this oversized camera bag with a belt clip that is anything but attractive, but he just wants to free up his pockets, keep everything in one place and not get wallet lines on the pockets of his new jeans. Help him please.

  • Im a Dutch Industrial Design Student with a big interest in urban life. As a designer I always bring my sketchbook, pencils etc with me. along with my phone and ipod etc. Conventional backpacks are useless and too big for me, I am a freerunner and the get in my way. this bag would be perfect for freerunning and still bringing all my essentials for when I need them.

  • I’m from New York and am an industrial design student in Pittsburgh. I love my bike and have been riding bikes as much as possible since I was 4. When I go to class, I often bring my large backpack with my MacBook, pens, pencils, books, power adapters, other cables, and much more, but I don’t have a small, simple way to carry a few things when I go on joyrides before class, after class, or on weekends. I think the Setgo bag is the perfect bag to fill this gap, and will give me a nice, streamlined way to take the essentials on fun, relaxing rides through the city.

  • I’m Hungarian. And has so far failed to find a good bag, because I have only very basic things in as MOLESKINE calendar, phone, wallet, CDs and the like … This would be a very good bag, light, and the point is only as great as should be.

  • Peter Beegle says:

    Hello YD,
    I am an industrial design student in New York. The features of the design would be extremely helpful in New York and this summer my family and I will traveling to Europe and again would be very useful with passports and my iPod. Great design and hopefully I will be able to put my designs on here soon as well.

  • Ron says:

    I’m from Starkville, MS and this bag would actually help out a lot. First and foremost, I’m a serious tech lover. My pockets are almost always full of gadgets, from iPods and phones to DS systems and tools for my engineering classes.

    Mostly, though, this would be a particular boon right now. I’m still going through treatments and diagnostics for Lymphoma, and currently have to rely on someone else to carry my wonderful toys to chemo treatments. It’d be really nice to be able to use my iPod or video games without having to have a personal luggage carrier everywhere I go, haha.

    Even more so, I ended up breaking my left hand at a rock wall, so that complicates things even more for the next few weeks. Apparently chemo weakens your bones… so that was of course caused by my own “but I can still climb, I swear!” stupidity. 😛

  • Matt says:

    Hi guys I live in Swansea, Wales, UK, im currently within my 3Rd year studying product design at Swansea Metropolitan university and something like this would be awesome for me, as I have to travel everywhere by walking and public transport its just an annoyance by having to haul a backpack for small essentials and gadgets, something like this would benefit me greatly!


    Keep up the awesome work guys!

  • oliver says:

    Hi I’m from Seattle and I work outdoors 75% of my time and never have enough pockets carry my personal phone, work phone, iPod, camera, sometimes Nintendo DS, wallet, and keys.

    I carry a work laptop with me and have decided to dump all my pieces of technology in the same bag and it is such a pain to have to dig through the bag any time I need something.

    This bag would a free me hours out of the week from shuffling and digging through an increasing convoluted laptop bag.

    And I know I’m not the only one thinking it but this transport bag is like the Batman Utility Belt. If I win this bag, I will sure add a magnetic grappling hook.

    I hope you pick me as the winner because I would get the best use out of it. Thanks

  • Ryan Keiser says:

    Hello there, I’m from Long Beach. I’m currently an art student at CSULB. We art students are the pack mules of the educational establishment. Not only do I carry my wallet, keys, phone, camera, ipod and headphones but I also carry my art supplies five days a week. This bag would totally help me out making it easier to carry all my personal effects and my supplies together. It also would make an awesome carrying device for all my sketching material when I go out and draw around town. Cheers to an awesome design.

  • Jim Baltaxe says:

    Hi All

    I’m from Wellington, New Zealand. I am both a post grad student (for the 2nd time around) and an active member of the local, volunteer Coastguard and Civil Defense units. I usually wind up carrying a number of gadgets, cellphones, pagers and often a GPS unit as well as a digital camera on my wanderings around the city and the South Coast. This bag would allow me to carry the variety of gear and still have ready access to what I need at any moment.

    I know I could have used it very well last weekend when I was trying to patrol the coast line to warn people about an expected tsunami and explain to them why trying to see it come in was not a Cool Thing to do.

  • Eric says:

    I’m from Oregon but at college in Arizona. Not only would this bag be great for me when biking around the greater campus area – and I bike almost everywhere – but it would be even better when travelling. No matter what I end up doing for a living, travelling and exploring the world is what I really want to be able to do. This bag would be perfect for holding the basics like a camera, sunglasses, a notebook and pen, and some extra cash hidden in that front zipper pocket, even being able to wear it under a jacket in some situations. I’m currently trying to plan a trip travelling up through Eastern Europe for this summer, taking up most of what money I still have saved up, and this bag would be the perfect companion for day trips around a city. Also, I like having things that look this good, and maybe some girls might like it too.

  • Mana says:

    Hi!!!! I am from Argentina. The security in my country is very poor. You can´t walk with a cell phone because it dissapears in two seconds, so I think I could protect my things very well…. with this excellent bag….

  • Henry says:

    I’m an avid road cyclist, and a wedding photographer. This bag would help me in two ways. Carrying CF cards/ batteries, business cards and other smaller accessories during a wedding, and helping me keep my ipod on me while i ride.

  • Vincent says:

    I am from San Francisco. It is good for metro, what a nice stylish sling bag.

  • Jean-Michel Alexis says:

    i would use everyday to hold evrything i carry a n97 which serves as all my communication a set of philips virtual surround sound headphones i can’t leave without just became a nurse this would serve as an excellent gear to always carry on me at all time i can have all my stuff ebook in my phone the possibilities is endless …. and most important evryone counts on me to always have the l8test stuff lolol …

  • Daniel says:

    I’m an architecture student in Moscow and I ride my bike to and from classes. I hate having to put things in my pockets, and a backpack only does it when I have a lot to carry. The setgo transport urban bag would be a great accessory for when I just need to get from A to B but don’t have a lot to take with me. I wouldn’t have to worry about my wallet falling out of my pocket while riding anymore.

  • Canic says:

    I’m from Vancouver,
    I bike to and from work, and I haven’t gotten a small biking bag, and it looks like it would fit great under a ski jacket for my phone and Mp3 player.
    Besides it just looks cool (in a nerdy way)

  • dangit says:

    Instead of carrying around a traditional backpack or the messenger bag I usually use, I could totally use one of this to take to class. All I need to carry is one moleskine notebook, a pen, my iPhone, and hopefully an iPad once they’re out.

  • Oskar says:

    Im from Sweden
    When in school this bag would be cool, when in the city the bag would look pretty, enough room for my gadgets, maybe I will put on some badges, if I win the Setgo I would use it everywhere I go.

  • Hello to all.

    I am Jesse from Tallahassee FL. I plan on making my life hyper-mobile and living as an ambassador for I want spend my life traveling from one place to another without having cumbersome things to carry. The SetGo Transport Bad would allow me to carry my phone, iPad, wallet, (cards and everything) and a few smaller trinkets. The design of the SetGo bag is just as I need it, utilitarian. It's already on my list of supplies, this just gets it to me faster.

  • Hello to all.

    I am Jesse from Tallahassee FL. I plan on making my life hyper-mobile and living as an ambassador for I want spend my life traveling from one place to another without having cumbersome things to carry. The SetGo Transport Bad would allow me to carry my phone, iPad, wallet, (cards and everything) and a few smaller trinkets. The design of the SetGo bag is just as I need it, utilitarian. It's already on my list of supplies, this just gets it to me faster.

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