Porsche Design’s Futuristic Aluminum Sunglasses Have An Edgy Cybertruck Aesthetic

Porsche Design’s latest sunglasses pair perfectly with everyone’s favorite futuristic pickup truck!

Designed as a part of their Iconic Machined Series, the sunglasses come machined from a solid block of aluminum, giving them their distinctly edgy, futuristic aesthetic. Each pair of glasses sports an outline-style frame with a single-piece lens sitting in the middle, connecting both eyes right above the nose-bridge. The glasses come from Porsche Design, a luxury lifestyle brand created by F.A. Porsche, the grandson of the legendary automotive company’s founder. In keeping with the Porsche family tradition, these sunglasses are limited to just 911 units and go for $1600 CAD ($1192 USD) a pop…

Designer: Porsche Design

The glasses, dubbed P’8951, are the first of Porsche Design’s Iconic Machined series. Unlike most metal glasses that are simply formed from metal wire or stamped from metal sheets, these bad-boys are CNC-machined from solid metal. This undoubtedly has a few pros and cons. The pro is that CNC machining presents absolutely no design constraints, which explains the P’8951’s drop-dead gorgeous style. The con, however, is that this manufacturing method makes the sunglasses significantly heavier, as well as more expensive… but what is a thousand bucks to a true Porsche aficionado?! I also wouldn’t want to be caught wearing all-metal glasses in a heat-wave.

There’s an obvious comparison to be made to the Cybertruck here, given that both the sunglasses and the truck’s design share quite a few similarities. Both have a nude metallic finish, capped with tinted glass, and are dominated by edgy, angular contours. The most palpable difference, regrettably, is the fact that the P’8951 sunglasses are currently shipping, while the Cybertruck still remains nowhere in sight.