Red Tongue Monster Will Get You Thief!

Who’s this with his mean eyes staring at you…his Red Tongue is not what it seems! Let’s get creative this Monday Morning, and speculate what this mean looking monster will scare you about! Did someone say toilet gags?

Kudos! It’s a toilet paper keeper! Guardian….the toilet paper keeper which keeps the toilet paper safe, clean, secure from the toilet paper thieves! Funny concept that addresses a relevant issue, because we know public loos are often subject to vandals. The red piece secures the holder to the toilet tank and can be unlocked by the key-keeper. And in case the paper gets lost within the cover, you can spin it around from the other end and then pull it out from the front.

Beware Toilet Paper Thieves, we have outsmarted you!

Designer: Mauricio Sanin Mazuera

Guardian Toilet Paper Keeper by Mauricio Sanin Mazuera