A New Experience for Frequents

And when I say Frequents you know I mean frequent fliers. People who make it their business to fly around the nation or around the world to do business, people who’ve got to move their body and their mind from flight to flight. The current layover situation for these people in most places in the world is just not that great. Designer Roger Kellenberger hopes to remedy that in a big, circular way.

This is the Obsideon option. It’s a design made for the war-weary traveler, the business person who has just got to set their stuff somewhere safe and have a nice sit.

Your boarding pass is your key. By only holding your ticket up to an Obsideon refuge. Each pod guarantees privacy with it’s dimming and closing abilities. Once inside, the user can access flight information, changes and delays. An alarm can be set for the traveler who wishes to catch a bit of shut-eye. Each pod has enough room to store the travelers carry-on luggage. Made mainly of wood.


Designer: Roger Kellenberger





Obsideon airport transfer experience by Roger Kellenberger


  • Bauski says:

    Wenn du auf englisch präsentierst, dann lass das Deutsche auch konsequent weg.

    Smart concept, though! I like the mechanics of the shutting-part.

  • angela says:

    he is not going to be able to fit his luggage in there! not in the storage area either!!!!

    • chris says:

      I think there’s enough room as s/he only has carry on bags at this stage of the trip.

      I’d defiantly use this; even spending a few hours at an airport, past security, is a major buzzkill.

      • angela says:

        oh yes absolutely! i could use this! luggage or not…

      • Canterburry says:

        Which is the joke there. Most of your time nowadays is spent at the security checkpoints, meaning you might even get straight to the plane. This might not evenget any use right now.

  • I’d be glad to see an outlet there, for a notebook, and a DVI cable for the top OLED display.

  • Mohamed says:

    how to bye and price please and its weight

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