Poolside Roadside Lounge

So you’ve got an aparthotel (apartment/hotel) somewhere and you want to add a poolside bar between the ol’ water hole and the road. But there’s only a small strip! What do you do? You use the ENTIRE SPACE and not only make a bar, but a bar and lounge, and not just for the aparthotel, but for the entire public.

And make it hecka sleek.

Visually clean and comfortable. The “esplanade”, aka the big open walking area along the front is framed by a wonderfully gigantic window. Fresh inside and out. Prefabricated concrete walls, raw to contrast the cleanliness of the rest of the space.

And why the name Ginkgo? In honor of the 30 million year old species of trees, the Ginkgo Biloba. To instill in this design a sense of longevity.

Designer: Tiago Miguel A.M.S. Rosado