Looks Like a Normal Keyboard, Doesn’t it?

Definitely not! This right here is the Miniguru. It’s tagline is “Always on the Home Row.” Can you guess why? Perhaps it has something to do with these fantastic alternate keyboard layouts that are catching on more and more recently? Easier typing through location of letters, right? That and more! See those swirly buttons on the right and left of the spacebar? Keys to the keyboard’s brain. Any setup you wish, at your command.

Yes indeed, if you ARE the sort of person who likes easier typing through location of letters, that’s fine! Colemak, Dvorak, any layout you wish, programmable, storable in the keyboard’s firmware so that wherever the keyboard goes, your settings go too!

Choose the body color, key color, stick color, and even the color of the connectors under the keys (switches.) These mechanical key switches come in “clicky,” “tactile,” or “linear.” Large feet underneath combined with a standard size allows for the Mini to be placed on top of a laptop keyboard and used with ease.

Not for those who enjoy finger gymnastics! Efficient typers only!

Designer: Guru Board

Miniguru by Guru Board





  • Sentry says:

    Their’s already something like this, and it’s not just an imaginary mockup rendering either; the Optimus Maximus keyboard.

    • watduz says:

      yea and the Optimus Maximus is one of the WORSE keyboards to type on, which defeats the purpose of a keyboard. Who gives a sh*t about all those small OLED? Will you get an orgasm for staring at it all day? What a waste of all that money.

      • Sentry says:

        Agreed, but it’s better than this fantasy concept that has no real basis but renders..

        • Mark Williamson says:

          There’s a working prototype, actually I think the white keyed versions above are photographs of it, as opposed to the rendered black ones. It’s trying to fill a different need to the Optimus Maximus and will appeal to different people.

          Personally I’m not too bothered by having a small keyboard but it does free up desk space and minimises how far you need to move your hands if you use a separate mouse. If you like trackpoints then you don’t need to take your hands away from the keyboard.

          The board is specced to have mechanical switches, which keen ttypists often seem to prefer to the run-of-the-mill rubber dome keyboards most computers have these days.

      • anon says:

        do you have one?

        if not, shut up.

  • AlienzExist says:

    “Looks Like a Normal Keyboard, Doesn’t it?” No, actually it looks worse than a normal keyboard.

  • Matt says:

    This has got to be a laugh…this is very un-inspiring and un-orignal aesthetically and functionally

  • Rajagra says:

    The Miniguru is nothing like the Optimus Maximus, if anything they are opposites in design intent. There is a working prototype of the Miniguru, it isn’t just a mockup. It looks better than a normal keyboard because it has got rid of the unnecessary junk. It is inspiring, because (a rare thing nowadays) someone has actually sat down and thought about what is really needed from a product and designed it to do the job well without adding the bells and whistles that appeal to ignorant simpletons. As for functionality the Miniguru does everything a full-sized keyboard does and more: 104/5 key functionality; fully programmable with different layouts/multiple layers; mouse functionality without having to move your hand away from the home position. Maybe it’s best to know the features of a product before you criticize them? Just a thought.

  • Jasan Warren says:

    How can you make comparisons and offer criticisms when you know absolutely nothing about THIS Keyboard or any keyboards in general (judging by your comments). To imply an inanimate object to be humorous or stigmatize its’ appearance is simply puerile, comments made without any depth of thought. If you people (with exception of Raj) had followed the design and input details in the construction of the Miniguru, you would realize it is unique and far superior than any product presently available. Designed by a Keyboard enthusiast for enthusiasts and others who actually need to use such a device on a daily basis.

  • Jon Lee says:

    I love clicky keyboards (Modem M’s). I also love trackpoints. This is a match made in minimalist heaven!

    Great work, hope to see a working model on my desk soon!

  • Joost says:

    Looks great. Not sure about the trackpoint, and I really want 3 mouse buttons, but interesting none the less. Any idea on price yet?

  • Joost says:

    I see from the manufacturer’s site that the final model will have 3 mouse buttons. Just so you guys know.

  • Shane says:

    This is form following function. And it looks great. I want two. One for home, and one for work.

  • Hunter says:

    who is this marketed to? the average person cant afford it, and professional typists would never change their keyboard layout on-the-go…

  • anon says:

    do you have one?
    if not, shut up.

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