Looks Like a Normal Keyboard, Doesn’t it?

Definitely not! This right here is the Miniguru. It’s tagline is “Always on the Home Row.” Can you guess why? Perhaps it has something to do with these fantastic alternate keyboard layouts that are catching on more and more recently? Easier typing through location of letters, right? That and more! See those swirly buttons on the right and left of the spacebar? Keys to the keyboard’s brain. Any setup you wish, at your command.

Yes indeed, if you ARE the sort of person who likes easier typing through location of letters, that’s fine! Colemak, Dvorak, any layout you wish, programmable, storable in the keyboard’s firmware so that wherever the keyboard goes, your settings go too!

Choose the body color, key color, stick color, and even the color of the connectors under the keys (switches.) These mechanical key switches come in “clicky,” “tactile,” or “linear.” Large feet underneath combined with a standard size allows for the Mini to be placed on top of a laptop keyboard and used with ease.

Not for those who enjoy finger gymnastics! Efficient typers only!

Designer: Guru Board

Miniguru by Guru Board