Refillable CMYK Spraycans

If you’re familiar with graffiti, you might have stood up close to a giant spraypaint masterpiece. Out in nature, right there in the scene of the “crime,” you’d see the real shame: the cans. Often when a painting is executed, the only way a street artist can escape scott-free is to leave their quickly emptied, no-good cans at the scene! Well, no more! Noone in their right mind would abandon a reusable can like this!

This design is called “Color Dial Spray.” Designed by some magnificent geniuses with a longer-lasting environment on their minds, this can has re-fillable paint containers and a super-amazing color-choosing set of dials. Yes! Select both hue and brightness, spray away, and don’t forget your large bottles of paint refill for long day of super spray!

Yes really!

It’s a can on which you can turn dials to select the color you’d like to spray. Probably not for the most giant street canvases in the world, but certainly fantastic for artists the world over.

Designer: Young-suk Kim, Jin-ho Oh, Yong Lee & Woo-sik Kim

Color Dial Spray by Kim Young-suk, Kim woo-sik, Oh jin-ho, and Lee yong