Refillable CMYK Spraycans

If you’re familiar with graffiti, you might have stood up close to a giant spraypaint masterpiece. Out in nature, right there in the scene of the “crime,” you’d see the real shame: the cans. Often when a painting is executed, the only way a street artist can escape scott-free is to leave their quickly emptied, no-good cans at the scene! Well, no more! Noone in their right mind would abandon a reusable can like this!

This design is called “Color Dial Spray.” Designed by some magnificent geniuses with a longer-lasting environment on their minds, this can has re-fillable paint containers and a super-amazing color-choosing set of dials. Yes! Select both hue and brightness, spray away, and don’t forget your large bottles of paint refill for long day of super spray!

Yes really!

It’s a can on which you can turn dials to select the color you’d like to spray. Probably not for the most giant street canvases in the world, but certainly fantastic for artists the world over.

Designer: Young-suk Kim, Jin-ho Oh, Yong Lee & Woo-sik Kim

Color Dial Spray by Kim Young-suk, Kim woo-sik, Oh jin-ho, and Lee yong




  • reality says:

    would like to see these banned. all spray cans. millions has to be spent every tear cleaning up this ‘art’. to the trendy wendy’s who advocate this crime let me know your home address and ill come and tag, (real meaning vandalise) your car or house? yes there are ligitimate uses for such paint so use an air brush and compressor! putting an age limit on sales is not good enough.

    • Nick says:

      Oh, please. Graffiti is practically the definition of art, and the embodiment of free speech. If you have a problem with these things, stay in your sterile gray box all day and don’t mess with my rights!

      • DLee says:

        haha nice

      • Canastrophy says:

        And the Right of the owner of the wall being sprayed on is not important anymore?

        You’re putting your own rules over the posession of someone else.

        “Let me see your iPod.”

        *sprays over display

        “There you go!”

        • reality says:

          thank you

        • Emmett says:

          Indeed you’re totally right – that’s a very valid retort. We should also definitely ban anything that could ever be used in a way that isn’t 100% legal.

          In that vain we should also ban bubble gum, pens, computers, and the printing press.

      • reality says:

        home address please?

        • yep says:

          you realize that most real graffiti artists make it a point not to paint on homes, private cars and other such items right? plus, dont get you panties in a bundle, unless the cap is interchangable for different kinds of spray, most graffiti artists arent going to be using these. yes, i do spray murals/stencils/etc but i keep it all legal. being forced to haul an air compressor everywhere would put and end to it and cost too much. and if y ou havent noticed, usually when you ban the use of something, it just ends up getting used more. have fun keeping your “free” country grey.

        • Emmett says:

          Oh good one! You’re using confused and hypocritical logic to make a funny point in your favor!

          In other words, you’re saying “ok, don’t like my argument? Then give me your address and I’ll tag your home (doing exactly the opposite of what I argue for) and _show_ you why you are wrong”.

          Very well done, sir.

      • as a property owner my rights should be also considered. I retain the right to beat the living shit out of somebody tagging my property.

        • Ovoid says:

          You know what? That’s actually fair. Writers (graffiti artists)beat up other writers for going over their stuff, so why should you not be allowed this same form of recompense in this situation? Chances are though, that the writer is faster and stronger than you, and you’ll get your fucking ass handed to you.
          Moral to the story?
          Graffiti is unstoppable. Accept that it’s there and move on with your life.

    • Ovoid says:

      It’s not about cars and houses. I’d like if you would come to Vancouver and paint the derelict building across the street from my house though. The sad thing is that the reason you probably hate graffiti is that it is uncontrollable and you lack the power to control your own world. Without graffiti we would not know as much as we do about Pompeii, early Christianity would not have been possible, and we wouldn’t have all that lovely cave art historians say is so important (which it is). Graffiti is a record of the actual feelings of the people of the age, without being convoluted by the politics or media of their time.
      Without graffiti, we would only have the history books, and not the history itself.
      By the way, if you’d like a new paint job for your car I’d be happy to oblige, I’ll even vent the windshield for you.

    • blah blah... says:

      “trendy wendy” hahahaha, man you sound like a loser…

      get a life.

    • Your Uptight says:

      I would like to see you get off of your computer, no one i know paints on houses or cars because that is an unintelligent thing to do, “tagging” is not a synonym for vandalism. Though for your buzz kill comment i would like to paint all over your personal belongings. Get informed about the subject you are trying to slight, jerk-off.

    • Trendy Wendy Graffit says:

      are you serious? how could you possibly put your name as “reality”. The reality is spray cans won't be banned for the simple fact that there are too many practical uses which airbrushes cannot come close to accomplishing…and do some research and learn about graffiti a bit before you go stereotyping all graffiti artists as average vandals you ignorant robot.

      using terms such as “trendy wendy” you sound like a hipster yourself…and it doesn't help build for a very intelligent/credible case in any situation.

      kill your television…

    • almost free says:

      graffiti will never die, if you get rid of spray cans we will just find another tool.
      Everyone should just give up trying to stop it.

    • Trendy Wendy Graffiti Vandal says:

      are you serious? how could you possibly put your name as “reality”. The reality is spray cans won’t be banned for the simple fact that there are too many practical uses which airbrushes cannot come close to accomplishing…and do some research and learn about graffiti a bit before you go stereotyping all graffiti artists as average vandals you ignorant robot.

      using terms such as “trendy wendy” you sound like a hipster yourself…and it doesn’t help build for a very intelligent/credible case in any situation.

      kill your television…

    • j says:

      shut up you prolly just cant do it

    • Coldweek says:

      Man (if u r one), the spray cans arent used just for graffiti, many ppl uses them for real painting too. About 10-50 yrs ago graffiti was about other ppl, not about the artists. crews were going trough city, trying to get it colorful and nice. Yea, lots of sprayers just want to tag on the wall their names or some vulgarisms, these r the toys and that sux. SEEN is an American writer. He was doing illegal paintings like for 20 yrs, than, he started to spray on some kind of canvas, and started to sell the paintings.
      So man get a life, nothing is black and white, and stop asking for f*cking home addresses.
      This invention ( I mean both cans and the color dial spray) are brilliant.
      Oh, I must forgot, many writers respect nice buildings etc. and dont spray on them.

  • ticking says:

    I love it, this is ingenious. And this would be used by those who have a drawing style and not tag anyways, conventional cans are much cheaper and you wouldnt squander this for monocrome tags.
    Its pretty green compared to normal cans too I like the refilling aspect.
    And I love th color wheel.

    Nice nice nice

    Have a nice day Ticking

  • Jeff says:

    Design flaws: What’s the propellant? That’s going to be a major problem, if you’re mixing varying amounts of different inks in various proportions, it’s going to be extremely hard to do without an external air compressor.
    You’ve described being able to control both ‘Hue and Brightness’ This is a spray can. Not a monitor. You can not control the brightness of a paint, simply by mixing it with another paint.

    Also, the information that has been used for the recycling data is for aluminium cans, not for spray cans.

    @reality: Why ban a spray can? It’s easy, portable, and is perfect for a small project. Cheap, too. Not everyone can afford an airbrush and a compressor. We just need stricter laws on grafitti, and put up stretches of walls where people can grafitti at will; various such places already exist.

    • Alex says:

      Hue is the color value between red and violet while brightness is the value between black and white or how light or dark a hue.

    • reality says:

      why are handguns banned? in the right hands they are safe and clubs exist without issue. answer misuse. the debate here is between the legitimate use of a spray can for car body work or model making versus the misuse i.e. graffiti. which you can either view as artistic expression or vandalism of property. This product is specifically for graffiti, (See top left of first image)

      banning handguns restricts the availability for people to harm others. i.e. it stops the problem at source. same principle here ban the can and millions of pounds of public money is saved from removing this paint every year. simples.!

      • liz says:

        i never thought tat spray cans killed people usually.
        Anyway not all graffiti is rubbish and vandilisum- i mean have u heard of banksy

      • brooklynzoo says:

        really? why are handguns banned?
        you ever heard of an air strike in the ghetto?
        handguns are linked to way more homicides than other weapons. my preferred art medium is frowned upon by narrow minded conservatives like you, who get frustrated at the fact that they dont understand the satisfaction somebody can get from a job well done.
        please dont turn this into a gun problem debate, and dont troll the internet for graffiti articles just so you can bash it.

      • blah blah... says:

        last I checked handguns aren’t banned faggot, restricted yes, banned not. Hell even in canada I can legaly buy a handgun, get a clue moron…

        • brooklynzoo says:

          you can buy a handgun legally in canada, yes. you cannot shoot said handgun inside any city limits. you cannot wear said handgun underneath your clothing. you must have a liscense for said handgun. you will also receive a less leanient sentence for possesing a handgun illegally as nobody really hunts deer with a .45, you faggot

      • Trendy Wendy Graffit says:

        You are ignorant and specifically stereotyping all graffiti artists as “vandals”. I suppose we all carry guns and do drugs and are in gangs as well…banning anything is pretty much nil of any logical thought at all. Can you say prohibition?

        and i would much rather see poorly tagged walls than plain blank thoughtless gray walls any day. I bet you feel really comfortable in your little shell but graffiti is bigger than you and anything else…Can't stop, won't stop….eh eh

      • Trendy Wendy Graffiti Vandal says:

        You are ignorant and specifically stereotyping all graffiti artists as “vandals”. I suppose we all carry guns and do drugs and are in gangs as well…banning anything is pretty much nil of any logical thought at all. Can you say prohibition?

        and i would much rather see poorly tagged walls than plain blank thoughtless gray walls any day. I bet you feel really comfortable in your little shell but graffiti is bigger than you and anything else…Can’t stop, won’t stop….eh eh

    • “cant afford a airbursh” and you think this thing (if it could be made to work) is going to be cheap? HAHHa pull the other one.

      • yep says:

        um, hes replying to the idea that spray cans should be banned in favor of airbrushes. and considering hes posted a few issues with the reusble can, I dont think hes suggesting we use this either. please read the whole post before commenting.

  • brian t says:

    I like this kind of lateral thinking – finding solutions to problems that not everyone sees. This kind of can wouldn’t just be for street graffiti, of course – it could be used for commercial work or art too. The need to conserve paint could lead to more creative colour choices by the artist.

    Propellant? Air could do the job, though it would add more complexity e.g. an underarm pump and hose. Borrow the bag from a set of Bagpipes. 😎

  • SEME ONE says:

    is it that hard to have someone who speaks english proof read your presentation?

    I can see this product ending up just like normal ink cartridges, too expensive!

    Has any of these designers done any research on graffiti or graffiti writers? No, they haven’t.

    and reality, graffiti is like drugs, it’ll always be around and you’ll never be able to stop it!

  • d. graf says:

    would love to find out if that “spary paint” font in the image above is really available somewhere?? it’s great!

  • d. graf says:

    oops, i meant “spray paint”

  • Copyboy says:

    The overall shape of that thing looks remarkably like the Kor One bottle.

    Interesting concept nonetheless

  • dolo54blows says:

    If the colors were refillable it would be great. Instead of carrying around 20-30 cans of the colors you want, just carry the one with several refill bottles. I used to do a little spraypaint work, and there is a cool trick I was taught by a master to get custom colors. Take 2 half empty cans and use a wd40 straw to connect the two, mixing the paint.

  • geolemon says:

    Think about the things you spray with a spray can.

    You don’t do it daily. It’s a product that inherently exists for people who paint so infrequently they don’t own a spray gun, airbrush, or other real professional tool.

    And because of that, you go to the store, find the color you want, and bring cans home for your painting project.

    Even a graffiti artist would be disappointed I think – a regular spray can would have 2x-4x the amount of paint, given a particular color – and using more colors would tap into the capacity of other colors.

    I’d be back on the drawing board… with the business model in hand, eyebrows scrunched over the “projected customer demand” concept section of this one…

    • fyngryz says:

      It depends on the ratio of dye to base… the dyes may be much more concentrated than the base, in which case, you might get very nearly as much paint out of one of these in any particular color as you do from a standard can. I suspect that the lighter the color (the base is sure to be white), the more paint you get.

      • geolemon says:

        Good point, I have no idea on that.

        I’m mostly thinking that the things you spraypaint are things that inherently don’t require such color precision – although for color *matching* existing paint this could be a ticket…

        I just don’t see much use outside that. Usually spraypaint projects are cheap, inherently DIY jobs that don’t require color precision outside the variant you already get in $4 selections of standard paint.

        Also, spray nozzles get plugged. This seems like it would be too tricky/expensive to be disposable, yet propellants couldn’t be refilled (even though nozzles could be replaced).

        If this spraypaint is $4, sign me up!

  • sshafer86 says:

    I’m endlessly surprised Yanko doesn’t have a huge design contract with say LaCie or something.

  • phunnyballs says:

    I dont see how this works. The paint would have to mix completely before it gets “spit” out. Therefore there would have to be a chamber and then that chamber would have to be pressurized, etc, etc.

    With the current description, it looks like it will just shoot out specs of 4 different colors in varying amounts, and hope the collide in air, or hit the same spot on the wall.

    If this actually worked, the auto industry would have been on it long before now.

  • PN - gooapplesoft says:

    I think the main issue with this would be the perfect mixture of colors as it comes out… our printers deal with micro droplets and mix them with flaws. This spray can is trying to mix fast flows of material which would be very difficult to do.

    None the less I am hoping someone finds a way and points at me and laughs while i feel like a negative nancy but happy knowing that I will soon own a dialing spray can.


  • JBantha says:

    I want one a nd a lot of this ones! **_**
    this would work awesome, not just for graffitis and tag, but also to stamp, and paint stuff like garage signals…
    actually i want two just to put them on my desk! *_*

  • mackboog says:

    Trust me? if an artist can aford this he’s not gonna waste time on your Crappy wall! now your local toy will though and theres nothing you can do to stop it! so get your buff paint ready cause here they come SUCKA!

  • been done for years, go to any hobby shop and they have “pressure pots” that you fill from your compressor and hook to your air brush. A air brush is a little tiny paint sprayer that you fill up with what ever you want.

  • Aria says:

    Please PLEASE make anoter post as soon as this is avalible to buy!

  • andrew says:

    The funny thing is I was actually contemplating something very close to this, with the exception of the dials you would however be able to make custom paint colors or inks outside of the can and then fill it after. I had even worked out a way to cover the compressed air problem but Im keeping that all where it should be unless I can make something of the design. Ohh and it also had a standard female can top so changing caps wouldn’t be an issue either.

  • Nicky says:

    if you think about this logically, most graffiti artists who paint illegally carry around big 750ml cans so they dont run out halfway through a nights bomb (when a graffiti artist goes out and writes his tag around a city illegally, most people get bad impressions of graffiti artists who do this). it would be incredibly inconvienient to be inserting paint cartridges every few minutes to get a decent sized throw, especially when your in a rush. surely this product will be helping the environment aswell as discouraging illegal use??

    and if these impressive cans go to production they’ll probably be sold at a high price, and most graffiti artists do not have a lot of money, so i reckon mostly wealthy graphic artists will choose these cans to work with.

    although these cans seem perfect im aready expecting the paint to be used mainly for canvas or plaster walls because of the bad coverage that the paints will probably produce. maybe if these designers combined there product with quality spray paint from MTN or Belton it could be a winner.

    yeah, who think graffiti is a stupid art, you narrowminded fools don’t realise anything behind it, the community, the art etc. you just think were hooded teenagers in gangs with guns and stuff, but when you actually meet a good graffiti artist you’ll realise that they dont fit that persona whatsoever, many people i know have said that about me. now stop your whining and do something about instead of complaining, no one listens to words nowadays. graffiti is an art, an art is something that has no other use other than itself.


    • buy your own property, and paint to your hearts content, but paint mine at your peril.

      • Nicky says:

        thats exactly how i think, i wouldnt paint someones property, thats one of the unwritten rules of graffiti, anyone caught doing that deserves to be punished, pretty much full stop.

  • zeesar says:

    when will this be available?

    more info please this has to be the greatest invention ever

  • antman says:

    the people gunning down graffiti sound like grumpy old men and the people supporting it sound like posh artists or something

    is anyone here actually a writer graffiti writers will not buy this product they would rather just do a piece/dub and throw there tins away in stead of wasting all this time changing and refillng also there isnt diferent pressure valve systems or different adjust lines such as skinny caps and fat caps for a range of thinner and wider lines also the cans they already use can be high or low pressure so why go to all this lenght to do this when there is an easier way they already know of

  • antman says:

    also what happens when the valve system cap gets blocked if it was me id throw it away back to the problem in the fist place

  • Bill Watson says:

    “you can make the clean the earth”

    what does that mean? Your company would benefit strongly from the use of proof readers.

  • Bill Watson says:

    “you can make the clean the earth”

    what the f does that mean? Your company would benefit strongly from the use of proof readers.

  • aerosol art is the most environmentaly friendly art as the tins are recyclable the gases are safe now and no paint goes down drain,,they are also faster making them safer due to time taken on site,,and clean up,

    for examples of commissioned aerosol art,

  • reality says:

    defacing property with graffiti without the property owner’s consent is considered vandalism, which is punishable by law. if it is a public building then funds from the taxpayer go into the removal of this graffiti. thats my beef. if it is their own wall, let these babies have their crayons.!

    • Manacin says:

      Me and all the artists I know do not paint on peoples houses and cars, It’s simply unnecessary. You do have the few people who don’t give a shit but it’s not the majority.
      As for your tax money paying for public clean up, thats easy, petition your city to not clean it up. It’s and endless battle that you wont win. Why waste money on the inevitable?

      • reality says:

        i dont want graffitti on public buildings. nor do i want to see it under bridges or on busstops or undergrounds.

      • reality says:

        why waste money on the inevitable – could use that approach for health care, education police. why bother.? question did the term graffiti exist before the invention of the spray can? i understand people being passionate about art and i see the arguement as graffiti being a form of art. but i see graffiti without permission as disrespectful

        • DivePeak says:

          @reality – “Question did the term graffiti exist before the invention of the spray can?”

          Question – you’re kidding, right?

          From Wikipedia – “Graffiti has existed since ancient times, with examples dating back to Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire”

          From – “graffiti
          1851, for ancient wall inscriptions found in the ruins of Pompeii, from It. graffiti, pl. of graffito “a scribbling,” a dim. formation from graffio “a scratch or scribble,” from graffiare “to scribble.” Sense extended 1877 to recently made crude drawings and scribbling.”

          Yeah, I’m sure there were lots of aerosol paint tins around in 1851! LOL

          Back in the 1990s I worked at a graphic arts company that made a product that worked like a cross between an airbrush and a spray paint can. Graphic artists loved it. Vandals couldn’t afford it. Same deal here. Yes, a few would be stolen and used to vandalise, but the majority would be used for legitimate purposes.

  • Noel says:

    Is this can for sale already?
    What is the price?

  • Victor Assis says:

    Wow, I’d never say grafitti could be SO polemic. People are about to kill each other here…

    In my country, Brazil, we have two distinct words for this thing:

    – Graffiti is the true art, executed with permission or even under payment by the owner of the property, by real artists.

    – Pixação (sounds something like pee-sha-sao) is the depreadation of public and private property, with no artistic value, simple tags and signatures, mostly in black.

    Grafiteiros make graffiti, and are mostly considered artists and are respected. Pixadores make pixação, and are considered criminals.

    The can is cool. If you can pull if off, it will be a great design, and really valuable to the artists.

    • reality says:

      this is a good comment it aims to define the term graffiti, either being +ve or -ve, but this is all down to subjectivity and interpritation. if their work is with permission in dedicated areas is it still graffiti or just boring art. is not the true graffiti to be done without permission?. funny how you never see them doing it tho is it.?

  • so, you use my picture without permission and that’s it??

    • Victor Assis says:

      Heh, nice shot. I have a flickr too, /victorassis.

      Sorry they stole your shot!

    • DivePeak says:

      Yeah, sucks, huh?

      I’ve even had newspapers steal my photos, remove my copyright notice, and add their own! And the most annoying thing is that it’s not worth going after them for damages because the legal fees would send me bankrupt long before the case got to court.

  • 12b says:

    i don’t care about what these guys say, just tell mwe when i can buy one! XD

  • zoso1 says:

    need more info- what kind of paint does it use? enamel? what is the propellant and how do you charge it? what about varying spray tip sizes? a standard nozzle that would fit conventional spray tips would be far better because they already make so many kinds ad are cheap and available. what happens when it clogs up?

    cool idea but i’m not convinced.

  • Josh says:

    all taggers are scared little, useless, democrats (Liberals) they destroy what is not theirs and have no remorse. If your not scared, put up the name you write and follow it up with your real name.

  • Seaze says:

    WOW thats new! I realy want to have one of these.
    People saying it’ll be expensive and that they cant afford it are mostly bombers. When you go out bombing you take at most 5 cans sto 5*3,50€ = 17,5€ . I dont thik that this thing will cost more than 16€.
    Also, 17,50€ is the cost for 1 bombing night only but using the refilable spray can you will pay 16€ and probably you can get it reffiled for like 4 or 5€, going bombing once every week with normal cans will cost you almost 50€ BUT using this and just refiling it will cost you 13€ for the refils and 16 for the can, 29€ 😀 WAY cheaper.

    Also, graffiti may be illegal, but not a crime 😉

  • ben says:

    look at this one, a real working refill spraycan!:

  • ben says:

    look at this one, a real working refill spraycan!:

  • That's a fantastic idea!
    I run some graffiti workshops in Scotland.

    Indoor painting is always a problem because of the fumes.
    Please get in contact as i would love to try your product.

    @ Reality… Get real… to ban all spray cans won't resolve graffiti issues, involving the kids into aerosol mural projects will have better result, let them bright up the streets and do something positive for the community.

  • Mick says:

    Very helpful to creative peoples like me!! :p

  • Mick says:

    Very helpful to creative peoples like me!! :p

  • Shapewear says:

    This would be a great tool(aside from all those issues) for us artist because we would then get the exact color that we want.

  • helvetica says:

    Looks like it’s just helvetica with some splatters photoshopped over the letters.

  • Andte says:

    where can I buy this CMYK refillable spray can? website please

  • Lmao says:

    I don’t think spray cans should be banned, and I know your comment was written a long time ago…
    But what you’re saying is absolute bullshit. The definition of art? Embodiment of free speech? That’s just bullshit you’re letting out to defend people vandalising other people’s property.
    I like graffiti that has been done with creativity, not just people writing their names and whatnot. But an important factor is that it’s done legally, meaning: dont vandalise.
    It’s not your right to paint graffiti on other people’s houses or their cars. In fact, you know what is a right? The right to personal property. Personal meaning not yours to vandalise.

  • Guilherme says:

    This project is real or a concept?

  • I do think that one should usually be able to communicate his mind, regardlpess of the circumstances!

  • market raf says:

    My biggest surprise was my RSS subscribers

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