Right in Between These

So you’ve got a collection of object-shaped seats, have you? I mean seats that are shaped like lips, puzzle pieces, or maybe even birdhouses? Well have I got a treat for you, right here, right in this “post.” I’m not trying to mess with you, it’s a real genuine post, but what we’re talking about right here is a real live parentheses chair!

Oh what the heck! It looks a little sideways to me. But on the other hand it looks very comfortable. The title of this project really is “Parenthèse” and it’s made by designer Pierre Schwenke.

Designed to fit your changing mood during the day, this asymmetric shape fits your position throughout the day, should you choose to sit in the same seat the entirety of it.

Designer: Pierre Schwenke

Parenthese seat by Pierre Schwenke