BLUETTI’s Prime Day Sale offers BIG Discounts on Power Stations, Solar Panels, and More

I know it doesn’t feel like it yet, but we’re just two months away from two major events – the Winter, and Christmas… both of which cause a severe drain on your city’s power grid. If you’re anywhere near where I live, power outages are pretty much a given because everyone’s got their thermostats on blast and Christmas lights on maximum brightness. Luckily, the folks at BLUETTI have a solution to those massive power bills and long power cuts. We’ve raved about BLUETTI’s power stations, generators, and solar panels for a while now – they’re effective, easy to install, and can power anything from a campsite to an RV to an entire home. The power stations are scalable, modular, and can charge everything around you from your phone to your EV… so whether you’re an avid camper, or you live in an area prone to power cuts or natural disasters like hurricanes or forest fires, or even if you’re looking to double down on renewable solar energy instead of depending on your city’s power grid, BLUETTI’s range of products definitely deserves a place on your wishlist. Plus, with their Prime Day Discounts, you might as well add them to your cart!

AC180 (Most User-Friendly)

A compact yet formidable power station, the AC180 is perfect for on-the-go energy. With a formidable 1,800W AC output, stretching up to 2,700W in Power Lifting Mode, this power station is engineered to meet diverse electricity demands. The entire power station is about the size of a jerry can and comes with a handle that makes it easy to carry around anywhere to different parts of the house or even to your backyard or a campsite. The AC180’s 11 different output ports let you hook anything from your phone to a mini-fridge to it, while the 1,152Wh capacity lets it take care of all indoor and outdoor needs. Charge it up via AC, solar, generator, or even your car, and monitor its performance on the BLUETTI App. The AC180 comes with a 5-year warranty, while its EV-grade LiFePO4 batteries have a guaranteed 10-year lifespan.

What We Like

  • An affordable, versatile, potent power station that’s a perfect first choice if you’re looking to dip your toe into energy independence.

Click Here to Buy Now: $699 $999 ($300 off).

AC200MAX+PV350 (Editor’s Choice)

If you’re looking for more of a punch, the AC200MAX is capable of handling much more, outputting 2200W AC with up to 4800W in surge. Higher power means being able to juice more (or bigger) appliances at the same time, and the AC200MAX’s 2,048Wh battery offers nearly double of the AC180, letting you power your lights for more than 150 hours, or a large air conditioner for up to 4 hours, or even your home refrigerator for up to 10 hours. A hallmark of the AC200, however, is its ability to hook on extra battery packs, or even solar panels like BLUETTI’s PV350 monocrystalline solar panels with a 350W output. The panels are designed to be durable, splash-free, and plug right into the AC200MAX to help you go green. Use them on your roof, with your RV, or at your campsite and the PV350 helps juice the power station in a matter of hours. The AC200MAX can alternatively be hooked to your building’s AC power supply to keep it charged too, but having a combination of AC as well as solar power not only helps you be eco-friendly, it also cuts down on your massive energy bills and keeps you less dependent on the grid.

What We Like

  • For its price point, the AC200MAX and PV350 bundle pack an absolute punch. The 2200W output is more than enough to power essential appliances and lights in a home during an outage, or an entire campsite for a long weekend. The solar panels along with it just sweeten the deal.

Click Here to Buy Now: $2,048 $2,448 ($400 off).

AC300+B300 (Biggest Discount)

The BLUETTI AC300 & B300 combo is like the Swiss Army Knife of power solutions. Imagine having a mini power plant at home that’s ready to jump into action whether you’re facing a blackout, hosting a backyard movie night, or embarking on a weekend camping trip. This duo is not just about the numbers, although the 3,000W inverter (capable of handling up to 6000W surge) and the 16 different outlets are more than enough to power your home, your appliances, or even your EV. The power station pairs along with BLUETTI’s 3,072Wh capacity B300 battery module, and thanks to its modular design, is expandable to a whopping 12,288Wh by allowing you to connect as many as four B300 battery packs. That’s enough for an apartment or even a moderately sized home to run for around a day at full capacity without any external power. The B300’s EV-grade LiFePO4 batteries are rated for durability, lasting as many as 3500+ life cycles, while the BLUETTI app lets you monitor your power station via WiFi, knowing how much power you’re consuming on the daily as well as which appliances are straining your home grid.

What We Like

  • The AC300 and B300 duo is by far the most heavy-duty bundle on this list, capable of easily getting you through hours (if not days) of power outages in your small home. Pair it with solar panels and those days turn to weeks, or better still, carry the AC300 to your campsite to literally live off the grid! Grab it now… a $1000 discount is hard to come by.

Click Here to Buy Now: $2,299 $3,299 ($1,000 off).

AC60 (Most Affordable)

Think of the AC60 as a glorified power bank that can charge pretty much all your personal devices from your phone to even your laptop or mini-fridge. Designed for people looking for self-sufficiency, the AC60 is a portable powerhouse with a 600W output that lets you charge multiple gadgets at a time, and an expandable capacity that goes from 403Wh to an impressive 2,015Wh. The entire power station is about the size of a beer cooler, weighs just 20lbs, and is rated IP65 dust and water-resistant. You can turbo-charge it up to 100% within an hour by plugging it into an AC socket, or charge it via solar panels, your car, or a lead acid battery. The AC60 sports LiFePO4 EV-grade battery cells that are designed to last long with minimal impact over its life cycle, and a nifty 6-year warranty on the power station definitely sweetens the deal on this $599 beauty!

What We Like

  • It’s compact, it’s powerful, it’s affordable. If you live solo, travel to the outdoors a lot, or see yourself living in a small apartment with power outages, the AC60 is perfect for you. It fits under your bed, under your work table, or even in the boot of your car, giving you power right when you need it… whether at home or on that solo trek you go for.

Click Here to Buy Now: $599 $699 ($100 off).

EB70S+PV120 (Budget Solar Panel Bundle)

A hundred bucks less than the Apple Watch Ultra 2, the EB70 + PV120 bundle is perhaps the most budget-friendly way to harness solar energy to charge your gadgets. The EB70 power station is your portable partner, with an 800W output and 12 different outlets to choose from (ranging from USB ports to AC sockets to even a wireless charging mat on the top). The 716Wh battery is substantial for a small campsite or a cozy backyard party, but hook the PV120 solar panels in and you’re suddenly equipped for much longer thanks to the 120W output of the panels that juice the EB70 in anywhere between 3-4 hours. Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, both the EB70 and PV120 are made to be portable, with the power station boasting an ergonomic fold-out handle and a manageable weight of just 21.4 lbs, and an integrated lamp that can be used at night to illuminate the outdoors or even the inside of your tent!

What We Like

  • The $678 price tag makes this bundle a must-have for tailgaters, campers, and wanderlusts looking to spend more time outdoors. Hook the power station to its solar panels and you can run entirely off the grid, charging everything from your phone and laptop to even a projector or a mini-fridge.

Click Here to Buy Now: $678 $778 ($100 off).