Angular Stiffness

Due to the stiffening angles in this fabulous object, there is nothing included but the single flexible material. It is called TAKOOI, in all caps like that, TAKOOI, and it’s made of plastic/paper. The designer has been vague enough as to not reveal the SECRET behind the design, but perhaps you’re stealthy enough to figure that out.

TAKOOI lampshade is a single sheet of flexible material. No unnecessary parts, no attaching glues, nails, clips, or anything like that needed.

Like most things clever, the name of this product is integral to the design. TAKOOI. Anything by the name of TAKOOI is bound to be clever. So clever that it deserves such a wild and crazy name, and designed by Michael Sholk, you know it’s clever deluxe.

Designer: Michael Sholk


TAKOOI lampshade by Michael Sholk